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Bitcoin is Not Yet a Safe Haven -

Bitcoin has been the ultimate rollercoaster over the past few years, rising and falling on a regular basis, and investors have had a hard time getting a handle on when to buy and sell the cryptocurrency.

Why Should You Hold Bitcoin? -

The price of Bitcoin has been the ultimate rollercoaster over the past few years with a bottom of about $3,000 and a height of nearly $20,000.

Cryptocurrency Choices Abound at Sportsbooks -

There are many crytpocurrency choices available today at online sportsbooks. The most popular cryptocurrency payment method is Bitcoin, but it is not the only choice available at the sportsbook.

Advantages to Using Bitcoin at the Sportsbook -

Do you realize just how many advantages there are to using Bitcoin at the sportsbook? Bitcoin is oftentimes in the news as an investment, but many people also use Bitcoin as a payment method at the online sportsbook.

What Does Facebook's Libra Launch Mean for Bitcoin? -

Facebook made big news this week, as they announced they will be developing a cryptocurrency named Libra. While that might seem like bad news for Bitcoin, many people believe it will actually be a good thing for the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin ATMs Nearing 5,000 Mark -

Did you know that you can buy or sell Bitcoin at ATMs around the world? There are now nearly 5,000 ATMs at various locations across the globe. There was an increase of 228 ATMs in the month of May, the most growth in almost a year.

Wild Bitcoin Price Fluctuations Continue -

Does your head spin when you check the price of Bitcoin on a daily basis? It would not be surprising if that was the case, as the Bitcoin price has fluctuated wildly in the past few weeks.

Bitcoin Continues to Soar in May -

It has been quite a month of May for Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency has soared more than 100%. Many people are predicting that Bitcoin will...

Bitcoin Continues to Shine, but Problems Remain -

Bitcoin has been on a great run in 2019, as it has more than doubled in price. Despite all of the great news for Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency still has some problems.

Monster Year for Bitcoin Continues as Price Hits $8,000 -

It has been a huge year for Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency has more than doubled in price. Bitcoin went past the $8,000 mark on Tuesday before falling back a bit and Bitcoin is now up nearly 120% from where it was at the end of 2018.

Bitcoin Surge Continues -

The Bitcoin surge continues this month as the cryptocurrency is approaching the $6,000 mark. It has been a good 2019 for Bitcoin, as the price has risen every month this year. The news for Bitcoin has been positive lately, including the news that Fidelity

Would the IMF and World Bank Support Bitcoin? -

Is it time for Bitcoin to move into the mainstream and get attention from major banks? If you look at some of the signs, it could happen very soon.

Bitcoin Hits Five Month High -

The price of Bitcoin continues to go higher, as it surged past $5,500 for the first time in five months.