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Week 3 NFL Parlay Picks -

Week 3 NFL parlay picks are ready to roll. We hit one of our three parlays last week to basically break even. Let’s look at Week 3 NFL parlay picks and we’ll stick to the same idea and go with a trio of two-team NFL parlays.

Week 2 NFL Parlay Picks -

Week 2 NFL parlay picks are ready to roll. One thing we will continue to do is go against the public. The public always has a lot of strong opinions on NFL games and going against the public is a proven method. Let's look at Week 2 NFL Parlay Picks.

Week 1 NFL Parlay Picks -

Week 1 NFL parlay picks are ready to roll. We had some good success with the MLB parlay picks and we’ll look to continue the success with NFL Week 1. Let’s look at Week 1 NFL parlay picks.

Super Bowl LVII Prop Picks -

Super Bowl LVII odds between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are about more than just the side and total, as there are hundreds of Super Bowl LVII props. Let's look at Super Bowl LVII prop picks.

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