NFL Futures Odds

One of the most popular types of futures bet at the online sportsbook is the NFL futures bet. This is where you are betting on a team to win the Super Bowl, conference, division or their number of regular season wins. Keep in mind that you can bet NFL futures before the season begins and you can also bet NFL futures throughout the season. Let’s look at the many different NFL future odds available at the sportsbook.

Super Bowl Winner

The most popular NFL futures bet is the bet on who will win the Super Bowl. For example, if you like the New England Patriots you might be getting odds of +350. Conversely, if you choose the Miami Dolphins you might be getting +10000. These odds are based on wagering $100 so if you bet on the Patriots and they ended up winning the Super Bowl you would win $350 and also get your $100 wager back. If the Dolphins won the Super Bowl then you would be collecting $10,000 plus your $100. When you make your NFL futures bet on the Super Bowl winner you do have your money tied up for a long time, so getting value is definitely important.

Conference Champion

Not only can you bet on the Super Bowl, you can also bet on which team you think will win the AFC or NFC. The odds on each team are basically cut in half of what you see to win the Super Bowl. For example, the Patriots might be listed at +200 to win the AFC, while the Dolphins are +5000.

Season Win Totals

Another popular NFL futures bet is the regular season win total. You can bet over or under the amount of wins set by the sportsbook. For example, the win total for the Patriots might be set at 11. You could bet over or under the amount of wins you think the Patriots will win in the regular season and you lay the normal 11-10 vigorish. Many bettors will choose to bet a number of regular season win totals and be in action all season long.

MVP, Rookie of the Year and others

Before the regular season begins you can also bet on NFL futures such as who will win the MVP, who will be offensive and defensive rookie of the year and more. You might even find specific future odds on whether a player will throw for a certain amount of touchdowns, yardage, etc. Check out the many different NFL future odds that are beyond the obvious Super Bowl and season win totals.

Advantages of Betting NFL Futures

The one big advantage to betting NFL futures is that your wager is in action all year for the price of just one bet. You don’t have to bet every single game to be in action if you bet a team like New England to win the Super Bowl or go over their regular season win total. Another advantage is that you can bet NFL futures during the season and sometimes get a lot of value. For example, let’s say you like the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, but New England gets off to an 0-2 start. Instead of getting the +350 you might now get the Patriots at +1000 or more.

Another advantage to betting NFL futures is that you could place a wager on a big underdog and get a big price. It is not as common in the NFL for a team to come from nowhere and win the Super Bowl, but it is still not unheard of. A team like the New York Giants has proven in the past that they can win the Super Bowl without being one of the favored teams before the season. The NFL is known for being a league full of parity and that means there can be value on taking NFL underdogs in NFL futures. The problem in recent years has been the New England Patriots ruining that theory, but the Patriots won’t have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady forever.

Check out the latest NFL futures odds at the online sportsbook.