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Free XML Live Sports Odds Feed

Free XML Live Odds Feed

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Free XML Sports OddsIf you're new to XML, or simply want a starting point to play around with it a little, there are plenty of resources on the Web you can use for free, many without even installing software on your computer.

Keep posted of recent lines changes and your favorite sports betting lines. Receive Instantly notify you for changes in our lines and Save bandwidth by caching information.

Benefits of XML?

  • Simplicity:
  • Information coded in XML is easy to read and understand, plus it can be processed easily by computers.

  • Extensibility
  • There is no fixed set of tags. New tags can be created as they are needed.

  • Self-description:
  • In traditional databases, data records require schemas set up by the database administrator. XML documents can be stored without such definitions, because they contain meta data in the form of tags and attributes.

  • Contains machine-readable context information:
  • Tags, attributes and element structure provide context information that can be used to interpret the meaning of content, opening up new possibilities for highly efficient search engines, intelligent data mining, agents, etc. This is a major advantage over HTML or plain text, where context information is difficult or impossible to evaluate.

  • Facilitates the comparison and aggregation of data:
  • The tree structure of XML documents allows documents to be compared and aggregated efficiently element by element

Clicking on the name of each sport feed will take you to an example of what kind of content it contains. The XML sports link will take you to the source of each feed. Simply copy and paste the url (once you've clicked the XML button) into your news reader to start seeing your favorite sport's news or live lines.

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