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MLB World Series Odds / World Series Baseball Predictions

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World Series Baseball Predictions - MLB World Series Odds

Bet World Series Baseball OnlineWhen: Starts - October, 2018

Who: TBA

Defending Champions: Houston Astros

The World Series is a tradition in American sports that extends back over 100 years. The games are played in October, so there is often a crisp chill in the air at each baseball game. But the cooler temperatures are offset by the electricity of the crowd during each game.

Every year the two best tems from the National League (NL) champions and the American League (AL) champions battle it out to see who will be victorious in the next MLB World Series.

Each game is critical to the outcome, so every inning and every at bat are huge.

World Series Betting Lines and Game Predictions

The dust has only just settled on the 2017 World Series, and we're already primed and ready to talk about what's ahead in 2018.

If you were to ask us right now who the best team in baseball is, we'd probably go with the Dodgers. They've got arguably the best pitching staff in the game, and if they can get their bullpen shored upon and add another bat or two to the mix, they could be a 110-win team.

Remember that this was one of the craziest World Series on record this year, and it wouldn't have been shocking had either team won Game 7. The Astros aren't going to go out and spend millions of dollars to try to make their team better in the offseason; Los Angeles inevitably will. It's not a great free agent class out there this year, including the Dodgers' Yu Darvish, but can you picture Wade Davis or Greg Holland or Alex Cobb or Jake Arrieta in Dodger Blue? It could get frightening.

That's why the Dodgers have to be the favorites right now, albeit at a price of +500.

The Astros and Indians are just behind the Dodgers at +600 each.

Next come the other huge spenders in the bunch. The Nationals seem to be a closer away from being dominant themselves, and there are a few on the market that could be had for the right price. At +700, Washington will kick off as the second choice in the National League, though the Cubs at +1000 could be right there as well.

The Yankees and Red Sox are both in the market for new managers after disappointing ends to their respective seasons. However, both clubs are still at the top of their game, and it would be a shock to see either one ultimately miss the playoffs in 2018. Neither team is afraid to boost its payroll with high-priced commodities, and that could make both of these teams a huge threat.

The only thing holding both Boston and New York back is each other. Both teams are +1000, and even if both went on spending sprees in the Hot Stove season, it would be hard to separate them. The fear will forever be there that one of these two will only be guaranteed a single playoff game in the Wild Card game in 2018. With Cleveland and Houston still floating around in the American League, nothing is guaranteed for these two traditional AL East powers.

Odds to Win 2018 World Series (Updated 11/4)

Los Angeles Dodgers +500

Cleveland Indians +600

Houston Astros +600

Washington Nationals +700

New York Yankees +800

Boston Red Sox +1000

Chicago Cubs +1000

Arizona Diamondbacks +2000

New York Mets +2000

St. Louis Cardinals +2000

Milwaukee Brewers +3000

Seattle Mariners +3000

Tampa Bay Rays +3000

Toronto Blue Jays +3000

Colorado Rockies +4000

Atlanta Braves +5000

Chicago White Sox +5000

Los Angeles Angels +5000

San Francisco Giants +5000

Baltimore Orioles +6000

Minnesota Twins +6000

Texas Rangers +6000

Cincinnati Reds +8000

Kansas City Royals +8000

Miami Marlins +8000

Oakland Athletics +8000

Philadelphia Phillies +8000

Pittsburgh Pirates +8000

San Diego Padres +8000

Detroit Tigers +30000

MLB World Series Baseball Predictions

MLB World Series Baseball Betting Lines

It’s time for the final week of the Major League Baseball season.

At the end of 162 regular season baseball games, and two weeks of playoff games, come down to a few World Series games. The crowds buzz, the teams are intense and each player is trying to make that one key play that will be talked about forever.

The six best teams from each division progress to the post-season, with two wildcard entrants added to make up an eight-team series. From there, three rounds of series are played in order to determine the winner, and ultimately the World Series champion.

The World Series is itself a seven-game series, and is undoubtedly the most popular baseball betting event, online or otherwise.

World Series Betting Example: The Rangers came in at -166 favorite against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2011 World Series.

The Cardinals were the underdog at +146. This means if you bet on the Rangers to win the series you will have to bet $166 to win $100.

If you wager on the Cardinals you will bet $100 to win $146.

MLB World Series Sportsbook Bonus

Bookmaker Baseball Betting Bonus

There's nothing like a lazy afternoon watching the World Series ball game, and furthermore, there's nothing like betting a few bucks on your favorite baseball team.

Betting on the regular MLB season is one thing, but for some of the most thrilling and potentially lucrative baseball betting you have to follow the finals series. When the best teams from each division reach the playoff stage of the season.

Online sportsbooks see an influx of baseball betting fans wagering every time the post-season arrives. In fact, some of the best online sportsbooks will offer futures before the regular season even begins.

This means that punters can take advantage of often lucrative odds prior to the start of the MLB season in order to win big on a World Series pick.

Keep in mind that these odds will change as the season progresses, and each team’s form changes. Our baseball odds comparison, will compare all of the top sportsbook's World Series Odds on an easy to read web page.

Our favorite online sportsbook for baseball betting is - At Bookmaker sportsbook you will always find offers various types of betting lines for every Major League regular season game, plus hundreds of futures and baseball prop bets.

Be sure to get your MLB World Series bets down early at, because the the World Series game is here!

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Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Dodgers Series Schedule and Results

The Houston Astros at a 3-2 series lead and Justin Verlander on the mound. Everything seemed to lineup for Houston to close out this series; everything except the stadium. A return home was just what the Los Angeles Dodgers needed after the heartbreaking Game 5. Of course, the day of rest didn’t hurt either as an overworked bullpen got a much-needed day of rest. Now, it all comes down to a single game. The Astros versus the Dodgers in Game 7 happens on Wednesday.

Game 1 - Dodgers 3, Astros 1

Game 2 - Astros 7, Dodgers 6 (11)

Game 3 - Astros 5, Dodgers 3

Game 4 - Dodgers 6, Astros 2

Game 5 - Astros 13, Dodgers 12 (10)

Game 6 – Dodgers 3, Astros 1

Game 7 - Astros (Lance McCullers Jr.) at Dodgers (Yu Darvish), Wednesday, November 1, 8:20 p.m. ET (FOX)

From a strong pitchers’ duel in Game 1 to an ultimate slugfest in Game 5 and back to a pitchers’ duel in Game 6, this has been one exciting series so it’s no wonder we’re now preparing for an all-or-nothing Game 7.

The Astros were pushed to the brink in the ALCS, too, except in that one, they were at home. This time around, they’ll need to steal a win at Dodger Stadium, something they did in Game 2, although it took 11-innings.

This has been on amazing series so far. We’ve already seen two extra-inning affairs and a historic number of home runs. Although only four combined runs scored in Game 6, each team belted another homer with George Springer going yard for the fourth time this series and Joc Pedersen hitting one into the standings for the third time despite a bit more limited playing time.

Offensively, most of the postseason’s big boppers are in Houston, the top five in the order have been red-hot, it’s the bottom four—especially with the pitcher hitting—that have provided Dodgers’ pitchers some chances to work through the order. The Dodgers, meanwhile, have gotten production up and down the order though Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig have gone cold after playing exceptionally well in the first two postseason series.

On the mound, it’s been a roller coaster series. The decision by Dave Roberts to pull Rich Hill after four innings in Game 2 seemed to have a lasting impact. The Dodger’s bullpen then had to give seven innings as the game went into extra innings, leaving Roberts shorthanded. Using the entire pen also left many of the key arms fatigued throughout the rest of the series. Nevertheless, Roberts continued going to the well. We’ve seen Brandon Morrow in all six games so far. Kenley Jansen and Kenta Maeda have been heavily worked, too. The three combined for four innings in Game 6. Will they be ready again in Game 7?

On the other side, the Astros will look to starters in relief in Game 7. Joe Musgrove, Luke Gregerson and Francisco Liriano combined for two innings in Game 6. We haven’t seen Ken Giles in a while as trust in the closer has waned. Instead, Charlie Morton, Brad Peacock and Colin McHugh figure to play roles on Wednesday.

Now, it all comes down to a single game. The Dodgers now have the edge, playing at home. Houston also must overcome plenty of history. Since 1985, the home team had has forced a Game 7 with a Game 6 victory. Since that time, the home team is 14-2 in Game 7.

2016: Chicago Cubs (4-3) vs. Cleveland Indians

It was the World Series of a lifetime. The Chicago Cubs, mired in a championship slump since 1908, faced certain elimination when the Cleveland Indians went ahead 3-1 in the series after a Game 4 victory.

But then fate happened, and the Cubbies ripped off three straight wins in dramatic fashion to extinguish the long-standing Curse of the Billy Goat. North siders and Cubs fans across the globe are still celebrating today.

2015: Kansas City Royals (4-1) vs. New York Mets

After falling one game short at the 2015 World Series, the Kansas City Royals rewarded their faithful with the first championship in 30 years. The Royals became the first team since 1989 to win the Series after losing it the prior season.

Despite a banner, breakout season the year before 2016, not many gave K.C. a chance to get back to the Series, let alone win it. The Royals were picked to finish third in their division, but instead they won the whole enchilada, and became this decade’s Cinderella story.

2014: San Francisco Giants (4-3) vs. Kansas City Royals

Madison Bumgarner. That’s all you need to know about the 2014 World Series.

The San Francisco Giants starting pitcher was absolutely stellar in his three appearances, one in relief, and rightfully claimed the World Series MVP accolade. Over the 21.0 innings Bumgarner pitched, he allowed a single run, which resulted in a World Series ERA of 0.43.

Bumgarner’s World Series performance is called by some as the greatest in baseball history, and it’s hard to put up a good argument against.

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