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Winter Olympic Sportsbook Betting Online

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Winter Olympic Games 2018 - South Korea Winter Olympic Betting Odds

Winter Olympic Betting Online

When: February 9 - 25, 2018

Where: Pyeongchang County, South Korea

The Opening Ceremony will take place on Friday, Feb. 9, but competition will actually begin on Thursday, Feb. 8, with curling mixed doubles games and men's ski jumping qualifications. Competition will conclude on Sunday, Feb. 25, the same date as the Closing Ceremony.

A total of 102 medal events across 15 sports will be contested in PyeongChang, with gold, silver and bronze medals awarded in each. That total includes six new medal events making their debut in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

The Winter Olympic events consist of ice hockey, curling sportsbook lines, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding odds and freestyle skiing.

Alpine skiing: Team event

Curling: Mixed doubles

Snowboarding: Men's big air

Snowboarding: Women's big air

Speed skating: Men's mass start

Speed skating: Women's mass start

Olympic Ice Hockey

The start of the Olympic hockey tournaments are getting closer and closer, meaning the hockey betting action has started to ramp up for the game's greatest international tournament with the revelry of the Olympics as a perfect backdrop.

The 2018 Olympic hockey will be played at two venues within the Gangneung Coastal Cluster in Gangneung, South Korea.

The hockey matches will be played in the Gangneung Hockey Centre and the Kwandong Hockey Centre.

Twelve teams will compete in the men's tournament, which will be held from 14 to 25 February, while eight teams will compete in the women's tournament, from 10 to 22 February.

The betting odds for which country will win the Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal have been very active at BookMaker Sportbook and have been moving accross the board for about a month.

NHL Olympic Game History and facts

The first official men’s international ice hockey tournament at the Olympic Games was held in 1920. Women's ice hockey has been included in the Olympic Games program since 1998.

The game consists of three periods (20 minutes each). There is a 15 minute intermission after the first period. In the qualifying rounds, ties are permitted.

However, win a winner must be established an overtime period is played.

If there is a tie during a gold medal match, there is a 20 minute overtime period. If that also ends in a tie, they use a sudden-death shootout to break the tie.

Winter Olympic Sportsbook Events

Get excited all you Olympic sports bettors, we have been waiting four years for these olympic games.

Bet on one of the most dangerous events in each Winter Olympics "Ski Jumping" and view updated Olympic Ski Jumping Odds on which team will win this event in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Decades before extreme sports like freestyle skiing and skeleton were even invented, ski jumping was the most perilous sport in the Winter Games.

In this event, which made its Olympic debut in 1924, competitors ski down a steep ramp, then go airborne. The best ones fly more than two lengths of a football field at about 55 miles an hour before touching down on their wide, thick skis.

Winter Olympic Metal Count Betting Odds

There isn't a much simpler bet in the Olympics than wagering on which nation will win the medal count. Olympic betting fans are able to wager upon which nation will earn the most gold medals and the most total medals, and the final tally is based on what the end results are at the closing ceremonies. Continue

Bet on Winter Olympic Events

Bookmaker Winter Olympics Betting Promo

The Olympics traditionally always attracts interest from sports fans all over the World.

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