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US Presidential Election Betting 2016

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Democrat and Republican Presidential Candidate Odds

presidential sportsbook oddsThe United States presidential election of 2016 will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016, which will be the 58th quadrennial presidential election in which presidential electors, who will actually elect the President and the Vice President of the United States, will be chosen.

The 2016 Presidential Election will offer a great range of US presidential betting odds.

Following the re-election of President Barack Obama, oddsmakers have installed the Democratic Party as favorites to win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Barack Obama will have served his maximum of two terms in the hotseat and will have to pass the baton on to someone else. But not only is there the question of who will step up to replace him in January of 2017, but which party will the elected one come from.

The Democrats will have had eight years in power and have won four of the last five popular votes, but come the 2016 Presidential Election betting, will there be a swing?

Bet On US Presidential Odds to Win

Political betting has gained popularity with the increased interest in online betting. For as long as there have been elections, there have been odds posted on the results. Some of the most famous gamblers ever made their biggest scores betting on presidential elections.

The beauty of election betting is that it's open to a wide audience. Not everyone likes football or basketball, but everyone has an opinion about politics.

Betting on presidential elections can be thrilling, especially when the election is close. Political betting is like politics, it is all about momentum and once a candidate starts to gain support, bettors start to follow.

Almost every single online sportsbook provides their bettors with the ability to wager on at least who will win the election, though there are some other prop bets associated with election, such as the party who will win or who will win a party's nomination.

If you are following the recent US election, you are probably Ready to see what kind of US Party betting odds to win on Republican and Democratic candidates.

Well, Gamblers Palace approved sportsbooks are already preparing for 2016 US elections and have published the prices on which party will triumph next time. This is the best time ever to get your bets in as the odds are the greatest for many of the candidates.

Bookmaker US Election Betting Lines

US Presidential Betting LinesWhich party will win the 2016 US Presidential Election?

Bet on witch party will get the vote, Democrats or Republican!

Currently list the Democratic Party as –170 money line favorites to be the winning party for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

The Republican Party is currently +150 on the money line.. Live odds

Bet on the US Election  at Bookmaker Sportsbook now to get the best price!

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Bovada Presidential Sportsbook Odds

Bovada Presidential OddsThe Presidential race is heating up and Bovada Sportsbook has published political prop odds on the candidate that wins the most votes in the 2016 presidential election. Others on request.

Betting on this election has been huge so far and the fact that it is still a close race we only expect it to get bigger.

Which party will win the 2016 US Presidential Election? Bet now on the Democrats, Republican or an independent? currently list the Democratic Party as –160 money line favorites to be the winning party for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. The Republican Party is currently +140 on the money line. 2016 US Presidential Election - Winning Party ( from Bovada ),

If you think you know how the outcome of the elections, why not bet and make some $?

Election Betting – Odds v Polls

Political wagering, betting on the outcome of federal, general and presidential elections, has become very popular in recent times. The scope of this trend is significant. Election odds have become an alternate and accurate model for predicting the results of political elections.

Many people now view political odds as a more reliable source of national opinion than public polls and econometric models and they are willing to bet on it.

Some bettors are favoring the Republicans, while their are plenty of bets being layed, at this stage are in favor of the Democrats probably in response to the speculation about who will be the next candidate's.

Us Presidential Election Betting – The Basics

Betting on elections has become a popular activity in recent years with Sports betting odds on major elections in many different countries. No election attracts more worldwide attention than the US Presidential Election.

There are many factors to take into account when considering the upcoming Presidential Election. The rise to prominence of a new and ambitious group of Presidential candidates is sure to make for interesting viewing as the race for what is arguably World politics’ most influential role heats up.

The 2016 Presidential betting odds have been updated and sponsored by BookMaker Sportsbook. As the days get closer to the Presidential election, the World's top sportsbooks have posted the odds on the 2016 Presidency. This is the best time ever to get your bets in as the odds are the greatest for many of the candidates.

Updated 2016 US President Odds to win - Odds on Favorite To Be Next U.S. President

Gamblers Palace approved betting sites will also take political bets on some of the main national elections such as the US, Australian and UK general elections.

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