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Sportsbook Teaser Betting Lines

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Sports Teasers ( Football and Basketball )

Sports Betting TeasersA teaser is a group of straight bets or totals combinedinto one bet.

The difference between a parlayand a teaser is that with a teaser the line youbet against for each individual wager is movedto your favor by the number of points of the teaser.

If the regular line is -6 and you have a 4 pointteaser then your line would be -2.

As witha parlay, all of the individual parts need towin for the teaser to be a winner.

Teasers arenot available for baseball and you can not mixsports for a teaser since there are differingteaser points for football and basketball. Teaserpayoffs depend on how many teams are in your wager.

Payoffs for football and basketball are shownin the table below.

If there is a tie inone or more of your individual parts then thewager steps down to the next lower number of teams. If a 2 team teaser has a tie and a winner thenthe teaser pushes " No Action". If a 2 team teaser has a tie and a loser, theteaser loses.

Two Team Teaser Example

Ties lose on allTeasers except the 2-Teasers where a tie is apush.

You can buy up to 1 full point on 2 Team Football Teasers.

The cost is an extra .10 cents per half point.

Example: 2 team 6½ Pt.Teaser is 12/10 and a 7 Pt. Football Teaser is 13/10

Football Teasers
No. of Teams 6 Points 6.5 Points 7 Points 10 Points
2 Teams NFL * -110 -120 -130  
2 Teams NCAA -100 -110 -120  
3 Teams +160 +145 +125  
3 Teams       -120
4 Teams +300 +250 +200  
5 Teams +450 +400 +350  
6 Teams +600 +550 +500  
7 Teams +800 +700 +600  

A tie plus a loss is a loss * A tie plus a win is NO ACTION *


Teams Line Price Total Price
Washington Redskins +7½ -110 35 -110
San Francisco 49ers -7 -110 38 -110
USC Trojans -9 -110 41 -110
Arizona Wildcats +2 -110 51 -110

Bet example: Six Point Teaser

2-Team 6 point Football Teaser 

Original lines Washington +7½ & San Francisco -7 

Teased Lines Washington+13½ - San Francisco -1  

Risking  $ win $100.

Bet example: Seven Point Teaser

2-Team  7 point Football Teaser 

Original lines USC Trojans -9  & Arizona Wildcats +2

Teased Lines USCTrojans -9  & Arizona Wildcats +9  

Risking  $ win $100.

Bet example: Ten Point Teaser

3-Team  10 point Football SuperTeaser 

Original lines USC Trojans -9 , Arizona Wildcats +2 , USCTrojans Under 41 Teased Lines USCTrojans +1, Arizona Wildcats +12 , USC TrojansUnder 51  Risking  $ win $100.

Basketball Teasers
No. of Teams 5 Points 5.5 Points 6 Points
2 Teams -110 -120 -130
3 Teams +145 +135 +125
4 Teams +300 +250 +200
5 Teams +450 +400 +350
6 Teams +600 +550 +500
7 Teams +800 +700 +600


  Points Spreads only Where Totals are included
NFL Football 20,000 5,000
3 Teams 10,000 3,000

4 Teams 10,000 5,000


Ties lose on allTeasers except the 2-Teasers where a tie is apush.

You can buy up to1 full point on 2 Team Basketball Teasers. Thecost is an extra .10 cents per half point.

EX. 2 team 4½ Pt.Teaser is 12/10 and a 5 Pt. Basketball Teaser is 13/10

Teams Line Price Total Price
Washington Wizards +7½ -110 185 -110
Los Angeles Lakers -7 -110 202 -110
UCLA Bruins -9 -110 141 -110
North Carolina Tar Heels +2 -110 151 -110

Four Point Teaser example:

2-Team  4 point BasketballTeaser 

Original lines Washington Wizards +7½ - Los Angeles Lakers -7 

Teased Lines WashingtonWizards +11½ - Los Angeles Lakers -3  

Risking  $ win $100.

Five Point Teaser example:

2-Team  5 point Basketball Teaser 

Original lines UCLA Bruins -9 - North Carolina Tar Heels+2

Teased Lines UCLABruins -4 - North Carolina Tar Heels +7  

Risking  $ win $100.

Bet example: 3-Team  7 point Basketball Super Teaser 

Original lines Original lines  Washington Wizards +7½ -Los Angeles Lakers -7  - UCLA Bruins over 141

Teased Lines WashingtonWizards +14½ - Los Angeles Lakers -PK -

UCLA Bruins over 134 

Risking $120. to win $100.

Buying Ponts

.5 Point -120

1 Point -130

1.5 Points -140

2.0 Ponts -150

Teaser Calculator

Teaser bets are a very popular sports bet. Especially in football and basketball, because a football teaser bet allows you to adjust the point spread in your favor. Teasers allow you to have an advantageous point spread while selecting 2 to 8 teams or more depending on the sportsbook. You may tease a side or a total of a football game and also cross sports by teasing football games with basketball games.

Click here to use our Teaser calculator.

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