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NFL Pleaser Bet Examples - Pleaser Sports Betting Guide

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Pleaser Sports Betting Exmaples (Football)

Pleaser Sportsbook LinesSomeone new to the sports betting world, may not quite know what a Football Pleaser Bet is. In this section we will explain what Pleasers bets are and what sportsbooks to use when betting Pleasers bets online.

Many people enjoy sports betting and like to bet on parlays and teasers. Other's just enjoy straight bets with regular -110 vig for their usual wagers.

There are a verity of different ways to bet with regular sports odds and ways to get extra points with teasers, but the payouts are always even or lower.

If you are the type of sports bettor that wants to make a high payout bet with 2 or more teams, but don't think parlays payouts are worth the risk, then you may find betting pleasers are for you.

Pleasers are quite likely the most challenging bet you can make on any sports betting event. Winning them can be very lucrative, but only if you are correct, and that is far easier said than done.

What is a Pleaser Bet

A pleaser is essentially the opposite of a teaser. If you bet a six-point NFL teaser then you get to take six points off of the spread for the favorite, and add six points to the line for the underdog. Pleaser bets are generally only available on football and basketball games.

Normally, pleasers will be made out of two to six teams, and the more teams you add, the bigger the payout is going to be, for example a $100 wager on a 2-team will pay you $600, whilst a 6-team for the same amount will end up paying you $30,000.

While, it is the most exciting bet in sports, it also has the worst odds, but also have the highest payouts of any sports bet. Speaking of payouts, let's take a look at the payout chart for pleaser bet wagers.

7 Point Football Pleaser (ties push)

2 teamer 8-1 3 teamer 25-1 4 teamer 60-1 5 teamer 150-1 6 teamer 450-1 7 teamer 700-1 8 teamer 1000-1 9 teamer 1350-1 10 teamer 1750-1

NFL Pleaser Bet Example:

Take a look at an example of what a real pleaser bet looks like. Let's say these are some of the lines for the current NFL week:

Buffalo Bills +7 vs. New England Patriots -7

This is a totally reasonable and standard line in the NFL, but look what happens when we change the lines based on a 7 point pleaser:

Buffalo Bills Pk vs. New England Patriots -14

So, let's say you have a great feeling about the Patriots at -14, which is a possibility, but a very high line for and NFL game. The bad news is that you can't just bet the Patriots, you will need to find another game, again giving up 7 points, to go along with it, and BOTH have to win for your pleaser to be a winning bet.

Pleaser betting can be quite profitable, but variance is high and it is time consuming. But, once you know how to do this math it becomes easier in time. As always, we wish you the best of luck, and we remind you to bet responsibly. Profitable sport betting is about growing your bankroll a little at a time, while ultimately protecting it just the same. Once again, good luck, and please bet responsibly.

Live In-Play Football Betting Online

Bet In Play football OddsTheir are benefits that a NFL bettors can find by initiating their football bets in-play, as opposed to taking the Opening odds on their preferred competitor. Both styles of betting options have merit, and both play an integral role in the sports bettor’s journey towards success and profitability.

Knowing when to use one and when to use the other is what defines the fine line between success and failure.

Remember your goal of being a consistently profitable long-term sports bettor means using every weapon in your arsenal, and being one step ahead of everyone else.

With practice and structured commitment you will be more accustomed to fine tune a sports betting strategy which is best suited to your style of personality. Continue

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NFL Football Sports Betting Bonus

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