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Sports Betting Information - Sportsbook Betting Information

Sports Betting NewsIf you looking for sports betting information or want make smart bet without difficult and time consuming analysis - you are at right place. All sports betting information on this site is free. Bookmark us we will help you more than any similar service on the net. If this is your first visit, right way to start is to read our How to bet on sports page.

Canadian Sports Betting Sites

Here at Gamblers Palace, we will assist you, when selecting Canadian sports betting sites, including how to identify established and trusted brands and how to ensure your deposits are secure once you have chosen where you want to play. Continue

Sports Betting By Phone

Here at Gamblers Palace, we understand that you can’t always access the internet to place your sports bets. There is always the chance you’re away from the home or office and can’t access the internet, or maybe your internet is down. As an online sports bettor you always have option's to get your sports bets down at the top sportsbooks on the net. The sports betting alternative, is simply the old school way, by phoning your sports bets inn. Sportsbook Phone Wagering

Free Play Sportsbook Bonus

Free play bonuses aren't as sexy or as lucrative as cash bonuses, but that doesn't mean you can't make them pay off for you. If the free play bonus is high enough, there's a good chance you'll be able to convert it into a decent amount of actual cash at minimal or even no risk. The great thing about a free play bonus is that even if you do come off a little worse and your balance goes south, you weren't playing with your money to begin with! View Free Play Sportsbook Bonus

Refer a Friend Sportsbook Bonus Information

There are several sportsbooks that offer you a Refer-a-Friend bonus. You can recommend the sportsbook to your friends and if they sign up with them, you will be rewarded.

The Refer a friend program consists of certain incentives given to players who already have a real money account to invite their buddies. In exchange of acting as agents, they are awarded cash prizes and other loyalty bonuses that can be used to bet on sports, play casino games or poker. There are very few cases where the money is cashable right away, without needing any wagering requirements whatsoever. They usually come in the form of a free bet. Continue

Cash Out Sports Betting Guide / Sportsbook Cash Out Benefits

With Cash Out you no longer have to wait for your bet to finish to pocket your profit. Just choose the bet you want to Cash Out and you'll be paid that amount regardless of the outcome of the event. Continue

Live In Game Sports Betting Online

Are you ready to take control of the sports event and win more money?

The following scenario shows how you can get more out of the game by getting more into the game with In Game Sports Betting.

In recent years, many online sportsbooks have started to offer in-game, live betting.

That is, many sportsbooks now offer wagers on plays that are about to happen in a specific game that they are transmitting over the Internet.

Sports bettors still have the traditional sports betting action: sides, over/under totals, props and half-time bets, but a few new perks have recently been added to the mix as well. Continue

Live Betting is becoming very Popular!

The majority of sports bettors are used to dealing with money lines, totals and point spreads. But there's another type of odds used by boomakers today, and it's called, the Asian handicap line.

Originating in Indonesia and spreading throughout Asia, these odds are quite popular with soccer (football) matches. It is a great way to bet on football and really quite simple once you understand the basics. More

Asian handicap Sports Betting Lines are becoming very Popular!

In running betting, in-play betting or live online betting is probably the fastest growing sports betting option that online bookmakers currently offer today. bookmakers. More

Bookmaker Double or Nothing Bet - Double or Nothing Sports Betting Options

Today's online sports betting sites can be found with double-or-nothing bonus bets. These betting option will give a sports bettors opportunity to wager returns they've just received, on 50-50 propositions yielding even money. Players can therefore double their previous payouts, or lose them, by making "fair" bets those on which the house has no edge. Most sports betting handicappers would call this a bargain. More

ESports Betting Odds - League of Legends / DOTA 2

At Gamblers Palace, our team of writers breaks down every betting matchup on the wagering board. eSports are exploding in popularity and our team will keep you updated for all of your betting needs. From League of Legends to DOTA 2, Gamblers Palace has all of the eSports betting lines you can hope for. Open an account and get in on the action today!

Across the world, eSports popularity is booming. Whereas most sports generally grab a foothold in one region and then slowly expand worldwide, eSports has exploded on the scene and is popular across the globe. Even more remarkable is the growth of eSports in such a short amount of time. Its growth seemingly multiplies each year and now bettors and sportsbooks alike are seeking to cash in. Continue

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Betting Odds - eSports CS:GO Lines

Now, players can sit at home in peace while they shoot at each other from behind the screen and scream bloody murder when their in-game self falls to the ground, gunned down by someone faster, sneakier, more clever, or simply lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

E-sport is a term for organized video gaming competitions between players or teams. There are many competitive games - such as StarCraft2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, Quake, Dota 2 etc. Continue

League of Legends Betting Odds - eSports LOL Match Lines

League of Legends (LoL) is the esports game with the largest community on the internet. The number of active players in LoL every day is tremendous and the numbers of viewers, watching the competitive eSports matches in front of the live streams has steadily grown over the years.

League of Legends is now officially the biggest online game in the world. Often abbreviated to LoL, League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game. The game is relatively easy to pickup and play, but to make it to a competitive standard requires a lot of skill and a lot of practiceContinue

Offshore Gambling - Online Sports Wagering

Most of our readers already know why you should be placing your bets offshore, bonuses, convenience, reduced juice, etc. etc.

Our mission at Gamblers Palace "The Bettors Edge" is to identify the best offshore sportsbooks, as well as, warning players about unscrupulous offshore sportsbooks.

On this page you will find, Sports betting help, gambling reviews, and information to enhance your offshore gambling experience. Continue

Snooker Tournament Betting - Snooker Outright Winner

Snooker is a billiards-like game from the UK, that continues to resonate with more fans worldwide.

Considered by many, as the hardest billiards game to play and as a result many billiards players want to use this game to truly test their skills.

Similar to pool, it is played on a large table with four baskets or “pots, one in each corner, using ” a white cue ball and 21 balls for scoring, 15 red balls, worth one point and six balls of other colors worth from 2 to 7 points. The object of the game is for each player to score more points than his or her opponent. This is achieved by "potting" the scoring balls. Continue

Live Casino Dealer

Review information on the best live dealer casino games, online gambling tips, and Live Deal Casino recommendations.

Our goal at Gamblers Palace aim to keep live casino players well informed with the exciting world of casino games like Live Dealer Baccarat, Live Roulette and Live Dealer Blackjack. Continue

Guest Sports Betting Post

Are you an up and coming sports writer looking to build up your portfolio/resume on a featured google news website or just maybe you enjoy writing about sports from a gambling perspective and would love to join our team. By Posting your sports article on this site, gives you a chance of getting exposed to thousands of visitors who visit our blog. Continue

Bet Surf Events Online

The ASP World Tour is a professional competitive surfing league run by the Association of Surfing Professionals. Men and women compete in separate tours with events taking place from late February to mid-December, at various surfing locations around the world. Surfers receive points for their best events. The surfer with the most points at the end of the tour is announced the 2013 ASP World Tour Champion. More

Free Sportsbook Contest

Gamblers Palace " Sports Betting Edge" provides the very best coverage of online sports contests like, Bookmaker Streak Contest.

BookMaker Streak Contest is free to enter and No purchase is necessary. Make sure you read and understand the following rules before playing, particularly the section about claiming prizes. Continue

Sportsbooks Accepting Gift Cards

Sportsbook and Casino sites that accept US players have especially been focusing upon adding gift cards as a payment method to offer an alternative to credit cards and With more gambling sites beginning to offer them to accommodate players, this is quickly becoming a preferred deposit method. More

Person to Person Deposit knows that paying the customer is priority number one and they have proven to be one of the best when it comes to delivering fast payouts without the big fees. More

Live In Game Betting Online

Are you ready to take control of the sports event and win more money? The following scenario shows how you can get more out of the game by getting more into the game with In Game Sports Betting. More

Online Sportsbook Bet Slip

In order to place a wager on racing or sports at a online bookmaker, the sports bettor will call up the online sportsboook and let a ticket writer what event he or she would like to place the bet on and the amount of the bet. The writer will enter the information into a computer and then the wager is inserted to the customers account with the amount of the bet pending until the race or sports event is over.

On the Internet, placing a wager with at an online sportsbook is just as easy. However, because there is no human to interact with and enter the information that is required, the bettor must do so instead. This requires filling out a “betting slip.”

Online betting slips are wonderful receipts for simple bets, and they can fulfill that role to perfection. Continue

BookMaker Sportsbook Review is perhaps the largest and most successful online sportsbook still servicing the US market today. BookMaker provides safe and secure sports betting on sporting events, as well as horse racing, online casino games, poker, bingo and mobile betting from any location in the world, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Continue

Bookmaker Bonus Code

It can be very intimidating when your looking for an online sports book and then finding a Sportsbook bonus code for that site. In Fact, the best bookmakers as of today offer trendy betting platforms, sports betting Promo bonuses, in play betting, statistics and an interface that is extremely easy to navigate for new users. Continue Sportsbook Review

Bookmaker who recently changed their domain to have now changed it once again. The new URL is

Bookmaker Sportsbook, is one of the oldest and most trusted online betting site, holding unanimous top rankings at all major industry review portals. More...

Texas Sports Betting - Guide To Legal Sports Betting In Texas

Texas, also known as the “Lone Star State,” is one of the most popular sports gambling states in the US mostly due to it’s sheer size and population.

As well, the state host a huge variety of professional sports teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans and is well known for its passion about sports, especially football. But all of these football fans are left without many options when it comes to betting on football and other sports due to Texas' laws against gambling in public.

Should sports betting be legalized and regulated, the money that Texas stands to make at the local and state level off the activity is staggering. And with nearly 28 million people, Texas residents are forced to look out of state to place thier sports bets and with physical locations to place sports bets, virtually non-existent throughout Texas. The only way for Texas bettors to wager on sports events is to register at an offshore online sportsbook. More...

Arizona Sports Betting - Guide To Legal Sports Betting In Arizona

Arizona sports betting allows residents to take their passion for sports to a completely new level.

Arizona presents a fairly pro-gambling environment for residents interested in gambling entertainment. You will find just about any type of state regulated betting venue you are seeking, and sports betting fans in the great state of Arizona, have a plethora of leagues and teams to bet on.

Arizona has a team in four major professional leagues, and is also home to one of fiercest college Pac-12 rivalries with University of Arizona and Arizona State. With a strong sports fan base and plenty of local sports action, it is not surprising that there is a growing interest in the state when it comes to betting on sports. More...

New Jersey Sports Betting Online

New Jersey race tracks and casinos could have Vegas-style sports betting this spring. New Jersey happen to fall under federal law that limits sports betting to four states.

The state law, signed by Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in January 2012, permits sports betting on professional and college sports at racetracks and Atlantic City casinos. A majority of those who voted were in favor of allowing casinos and race tracks the chance to place sporting bets, provided that the federal government repeals laws currently restricting it to just four states. More...

Warning: do not bet at BetIslands!

BetIslands is an online sportsbook that more than 80% of their active player base was referred by SportsbookReview (SBR) and staff. Unfortunately news broke days ago that this book went from SBR rated B to F in a single day and all players will be stiffed. More...

Mobile QR Code Sports Betting Sites

QR code's offer sports betting sites an engaging way and quick response mechanism to embellish their digital marketing campaigns by the end user merely pointing their smart phone camera at the QR code for a 'scan, click, browse' as the QR can be embedded with a url to retrieve Bonus Code information, connect to a wireless network, or open a sports betting site in the via the device’s browser.More

Handball Championship

The Handball World Championships will host betting lines on 24 teams, as they battle against each other for the World Champion title in handball. France has qualified as reigning champions and Sweden as host nation. More

Volleyball World League

Volleyball is a fairly popular sport. With a variety of leagues, international popularity, volleyball betting is another option for sports gambling. Most sports books offer a variety of ways to bet on volleyball. These include match betting, which is a money line bet on which team will win. More

Rugby Union World Cup

Rugby sports betting action takes off with the eighth Rugby Union World Cup. The third largest event in world sport will reach a thrilling climax in England at Twickenham, when rugby’s best sides do battle for the famous Webb Ellis Cup. The Rugby World Cup tournament kicks off September 18 culminating with the RWC Final on October 31 at Twickenham. More

Triple Crown Cycling Sportsbooks

Cycling is a sport that really only takes center state in the media every year during the events like the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a Espana are considered the Triple Crown of cycling. Only two riders in history have won the Triple Crown, Eddy Merckx in 1974 and Stephen Roche in 1987.

Other Cycling events such as, the Paris-Roubaix and the Giro di Lombardia, also attract attention from gamblers who like to wager on cycling. More...

Bet Tour de France Odds

The Tour de France will start from June to July , the Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,500 kilometres. More

Tour de France Stages:

Prologue - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3 - Stage 4 - Stage 5 - Stage 6 - Stage 7 - Stage 8 - Stage 9 - Stage 10 - Stage 11 - Stage 12 - Stage 13 - Stage 14 - Stage 15 - Stage16 - Stage17 - Stage18 - Stage19 - Stage20

Tour de France Results Welcome to Gamblers Palace, where you can find the Best outright odds for the Tour de France, latest odds for the yellow jersey, King of the Mountains and stage winner.

The maillot jaune (yellow jersey), which is worn by the general classification (or overall time) leader, is the most prized. It is awarded by calculating the total combined race time up to that point for each rider. The rider with the lowest total time is the leader, and at the end of the event is declared the overall winner of the Tour. More

Giro d'Italia Cycling Odds - Maglia Rosa Jersey Predictions

This annual multiple stage bicycle race is primarily held in Italy and is considered to be second only to the Tour de France in terms of prestige in the cycling world.

The twenty-one stages, which include time trials, mountains, and flat sections, takes advantage of the rich and varied topography of the peninsula, often climbing through the rugged Alps, Apennine, and Dolomite mountains, scaling volcanoes, whizzing past historic city streets, and taking in spectacular coastal regions. More....

Vuelta a España Cycling Odds - Maillot Red Jersey Predictions

The Vuelta a España or Tour of Spain is an annual multi stage race held in Spain each September. This cycling event is ranked next to the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in its significance and prestige. The Vuelta a Espana entire race is unique as its finish point the winner maillot red jersey. More...

World Cup Prop Bets

World Cup Prop betting can be handicapped just like you would a point spread side or a total. You can win money on a prop bet just as easily as you can on a side wager and in some cases before the game even starts! The props are normally based on money lines where you would risk a certain amount of money such as $110 for every $100 or it might be a prop where you are risking $150 to win $100 or the 15/10 equivalent. More

FIFA World Cup Odds

Outside of perhaps the Olympics, the World Cup is the most galvanizing sporting event in the world. A total of 32 teams from around the globe will come together in Russia for the 2018 edition of the world's greatest tournament. The beautiful game gives a chance to every country to shine internationally, but in the end, only the strongest always seem to manage to survive. More

Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXII Olympic Winter Games or the Winter Olympics, will be held on February 12 - 28, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with some events held in the resort town of Whistler and in Richmond, a Vancouver suburb. More

Olympic Medal Count Odds - Winter Olympic Medal Count Preview

There isn't a much simpler bet in the Olympics than wagering on which nation will win the medal count. At, you'll be able to wager upon which nation will earn the most gold medals and the most total medals, and the final tally is based on what the end results are at the closing ceremonies on Febuary 25, PyeongChang Olympic Stadium. More...

Summer Olympics The city of London has been elected host city of the XXX Olympic Summer Games. The Summer Olympics will run from July to Aug., with 19 days of competition featuring 302 medal events in 26 sports will take place before the closing ceremony on August. London will become the first city to officially host the modern Games for the third time, having previously done so in 1908 and 1948. More...

ICC Cricket World Cup The ICC Cricket World Cup will be hosted by the West Indies from March to April. There will be a total of fifty one matches played in the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, which is three matches less than the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup, despite the two extra teams taking part. It will be contested by 16 nations divided into 4 groups of 4 teams. The top two teams from each group will then compete in a Super 8" format, similar to the previous "Super 6" format, from which the semi-finalists will be decided. More...

Lacrosse Sports betting Online

Lacrosse is primarily played in the United States, Canada and Australia, though it does have some presence in Europe and Asia as well. Though there is a professional lacrosse league in the United States, it would not be considered one of the country’s major or most beloved sports. More....

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship

Each year, the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship determines the top lacrosse team in the NCAA's Division I, Division II, and Division III. The top 16 teams from all corners of the United States are selected to compete in the NCAA Division I lacrosse championship tournament, with the number one seed in the tournament given the easiest road to the finals. More...

World Indoor Lacrosse Championship

The World Indoor Lacrosse Championships is scheduled for the opening ceremonies at the arena on Sept. 18, with games from Sept. 19 to 23. Eleven nations are scheduled to play, including newcomers Israel, Thailand, and Turkey, as they try to take home the Gold. More...

UK Political Betting Lines - Prime Minister Odds

Political betting online is a growing market for sportsbooks. Once seen as something of a novelty bet, it has now become a serious business with more and more people turning to bookmakers to back up their opinion with a wager; sportsbooks in return now offer more and more markets. More..

Election betting coverage Gamblers Palace Election betting has a great range of political sports betting odds. Gamblers Palace will also take political bets on some of the main national elections such as the US, Australian and UK general elections. More

Reality Show betting online offers TV entertainment betting odds on a wide range of contests including television reality shows, music and entertainment competitions, like the American Idol and even on the Academy Awards. More...

Beauty Pageant betting online - Betting on beauty pageant odds has become one of the most sought after entertainment betting categories online, and our site will put you dead center of all the beauty pageant action. When you put brains and beauty, in a swim suit on stage, it is hard not to watch, but when you increase the interest by adding entertainment betting odds on the pageant, the likability just doubled. There are a number of annual beauty pageant events held sporadically throughout the year, and now online bettors can get in on the action through online betting odds for beauty pageants. More

Sportsbook Deposit & casino payment solutions As any regular online sportsbook and casino player knows, moving money freely in and out of online sportsbooks and casinos is getting tougher all the time. All major credit card companies are requiring that transactions involving Internet-based sports betting businesses be identified and gaming transactions must be red flagged with a specific ( 7995 ) transaction code. The major banks in turn are restricting or refusing those transactions and that could effectively remove the major credit cards from the online gaming business cycle. Here are some other solutions to depositing online with sportsbooks and casinos such as "e-cash" from services like Echecks, Nexum, Neteller, Person to Person , Direct Transfer and others. More...

Sport Betting Online Guide Online Sports betting is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of bettors via the internet everyday. If you've never tried your luck at online sports betting before, we hope that this introduction will help you get started in this unique and exciting online gaming industry - sports betting. Online sports betting has been developed in big industry. Online sportsbooks can save you a lot of time, since you do not need to go to local bookmaker or drive to Las Vegas to place a bet. Now you can place a bet at any time of day and night without leaving your house or office. More...

Sportsbook Betting Online Guide Today Sportsbook Betting is done with computers and modern phone technology. Gambling for your average bettor today is easy and accessible to wager online in the comfort and privacy of their homes with legitimate, reputable online sportsbooks. Even though Online Sportsbooks are based outside the United States, they offer gamers the ultimate in convenience and variety. More

Wireless Mobile Cellphone Sports Betting Cell phones are rapidly growing in their functional capabilities. There are new programs on the Internet that allows cell phones to download casino-style games in U.S. gambler's pockets, allowing real money betting from anywhere they can get a phone signal. Many Americans are turning to their mobile phones for entertainment and have long been able to download casino-style cell phone games to play for fun. The cell phone has now become a casino and a sportsbook in your pocket. It is estimated by 2009, Americans will dial up close to $20 billion in gaming business. More...

Betting on the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker has been around since 1970, Before the Television networks like ESPN started showing Poker tournaments for the Public, names like three time champions, Johhny Moss and Stu Ungar were household names in poker talk, but to your average sports bettor or online casino player they were virtual unknowns. More...

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