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NFL Betting Info - College Football Gambling Tips

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Online Football Sports Betting Strategy

Football Sports Betting NewsIf you are looking for NFL football sports betting information, Football betting tips or want to make smart football bet without time-consuming analysis, you are at right place. Bookmark us, because we will do that research for you and can lead you down the right path. Gamblers Palace is the top information site for football gamblers on the web. If this is your first visit, the right way to start is to read our football betting help page.

Canadian Football League Betting

Canadian Football betting differs from the NFL in a variety of ways, and these differences must be recognized when one is wagering on CFL football. More

Arena Football Betting

Arena Football betting continues to grow More popular each year. One reason Arena Football may eventually have widespread success in both the sports betting world and the business world is that, unlike the other sports leagues, the AFL has realized that embracing the sports betting industry may help them achieve their long-term goals. More

NFL Quarter Lines

NFL Quarter Lines offer Sports Betting fans a great way to bet on an NFL game. Quarter bets are another type of football wagering. This allows you to bet on only what happens in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of a game. More

NFL Combine Betting

Looking for NFL betting action after the season is over? Then the National Football League Scouting Combine just might be your ticket.

The thirst for football is real. After the Super Bowl, NFL fans are left to wait for months before the first snap of the regular season is made. More

NFL Football Draft Betting

Once the NFL season ends, the draft order will be decided. The basics remain the same and the worst NFL team of the season will be selecting first. More

In Play NFL Football Betting Online

Their are benefits that a NFL bettors can find by initiating their football bets in-play, as opposed to taking the Opening odds on their preferred competitor. Both styles of betting options have merit, and both play an integral role in the sports bettor’s journey towards success and profitability. More

NFL Football Rivalries

Every year, the NFL football season has a few games on the schedule that makes football betting fans waiting in anticipation. There have been many rivalries throughout NFL history. Some of the best are Steelers vs. Ravens, 49ers vs. Cowboys, Raiders vs. Chiefs, Giants vs. Cowboys, and so on. It's also time to recognize a new generation of rivalries as the top teams continue to evolve. More

NFL Fantasy Football Betting

Gambling on NFL football is a national pastime, and fortunately the NFL endorses betting on fantasy football. It is legal to place a bet on a fantasy team in many locations and leagues. More

Lingerie Football Betting

You love watching football, but have you seen girls playing football wearing lingerie? For the past five years, the Lingerie Bowl has redefined the meaning of fantasy football for sports fans. More

NFL Preseason

The NFL preseason action this summer will bring plenty of potential football betting angles and intangibles for sports betting fans to take advantage. More

NFL Preseason - Hall of Fame Game

There is no higher pinnacle for NFL players than to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Over the last few years the Hall has welcomed some true legends of the sport, like Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.

First opened in ’63, the Hall of Fame has been expanded numerous times and now features More than 50,000 square feet of exhibits. All told, there are 267 individuals in the Hall of Fame, including all-time greats like Paul Brown, Dick Butkus, Tony Dorsett, Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana to name just a few. Continue

NFL Football Betting tips

There are a number of strategies for betting preseason football that have proven to be profitable over the course of the last decade or so, since the league switched to their current four game exhibition schedule. Betting on the NFL in August is a completely different exercise than betting on the same sport a month later. Continue

NFL Football Betting Odds and Predictions

There is nothing quite like NFL football to top off a relaxing weekend. With More teams entering the league and salary caps affecting constant trading of players, NFL football has never been More exciting. Each week the lines and odds change, and each week you have a chance to predict the outcome of each game while putting a little extra money in your pocket. Continue

NFL Football - 2018 NFL Power Rankings

At Gamblers Palace, our NFL Power Rankings are different than most. We don't only analyze the teams' performances on the field, but we also focus on how they are doing at the wagering window. Read our rankings all season long to help you decide who to bet on in the NFL. Continue

AFC divisional teams Betting Report

Overview of what the National Football League AFC divisional teams added and lost in the off-season, along with witch AFC divisional teams will be tuff to beat. As well, a recap of last season and some wagering advice will also be included.

NFC Divisional Teams Betting Report

Overview of what the National Football League NFC divisional teams added and lost in the off-season, along with witch NFC divisional teams will be tuff to beat. As well, a recap of last season and some wagering advice will also be included.

NFL Offensive MVP Odds - NFL Sports Gambling

The Associated Press NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award is awarded to the player that’s believed to have had the most outstanding season on that side of the ball. It’s been very tough to separate the winner of it and the overall MVP Award though. Continue

NFL Defensive MVP Odds - NFL Sports Gambling

While there are numerous outlets that hand out Defensive Player of the Year awards, the one we’ll concentrate on is the one awarded by the esteemed Associated Press. The genesis of the AP’s award occurred back in 1971 when the Minnesota Vikings and their “Purple People Eaters” defense led by none other than Hall of Fame defensive tackle Alan Page brought home the awards first recognition. Continue

NFL MVP Odds - NFL Regular Season MVP Odds

The MVP award has taken a long and winding road to get to where it currently resides. Back in 1938, the league began awarding the Joe F. Carr Trophy to the player that stood out the most throughout the regular season. That way of electing the league MVP was done through 1946. Continue

Pro Football Betting Lines and Money Management

NFL Football betting is a very simple process. You could be making extra cash from NFL football very quickly. You know that you are already going to watch these thrilling games so why not make it a little More interesting? Continue

NFL Football Gambling Strategies and Odds

NFL Football is played from September to January involving 32 teams from across the United States. Points are awarded for touchdowns (6 points), safeties (2 points), extra points (1 point) and field goals (3 points). Gamblers Palace also offers football odds on Canadian Football (CFL) and College Football (NCAA). Continue

Bet NFL Player Proposition Lines

The NFL regular season is one of high anticipation. Thirty-one teams are going to be trying to chase down the New England Patriots with the goal of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Minneapols. But before teams worry about the postseason, there's a 16-game regular season to contend with. Props are aplenty for sure for the season ahead that should whet the appetites of NFL bettors throughout the offseason. Continue

Betting Football Money Lines

Here you will find out how football betting money lines work and how to read them. The easiest way to understand a money line, is to think of it as an indication of the amount you need to bet to win $100 or the amount you will win. Underdogs pay out more, while favorites pay out less. Continue

Bet Football Spreads Online

Betting on the point spread is most common in NFL football sports betting. Spreads are intended to level the betting playing field between two teams. If the handicappers do their job right and choose the right spread number, there should be an even chance of winning or losing the bet taking into account the spread. Continue

Bet Football with an OnlineSportsbook

Online football betting provides the sports betting enthusiast with much More than your local bookie. No more worrying about collecting, having to go meet a guy to pay or collect, etc. You also get sportsbook sign-up bonus and some internet football betting sportsbooks offer special betting perks such as customer appreciation comps or player rewards programs. Continue

ESPN Sunday Football Prop Betting

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest gambling day of the year. It has all sorts of bets to make and makes the big game a load of fun, even if your team isn’t playing. Continue

NFL Playoffs Odds

The Wild Card playoffs are another good time to gamble as the number of teams narrow and gamblers can really focus in on these contests. More

NFC and AFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups

The Wild Card playoffs are scheduled to be played in January and the Divisional Playoffs will start the following weekend. The Conference Championship games will be played on the following Sunday. Continue

NFC Playoff Odds and AFC playoffs Betting Online

AFC & NFC conference championship,playoff betting lines and closing NFL conference championship point spreads. Continue

AFC Divisional Playoff Betting

AFC playoff betting odds season is always a time for high excitement and upsets. AFC playoff betting odds fans have been treated to some amazing finishes in the past and the unexciting game has been a rare event. Continue

AFC Second Round Playoff Betting

In the AFC NFL playoff betting odds, one of the craziest games, and perhaps the most entertaining NFL playoffs betting odds game in recent memory, transpired between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars .Continue

AFC Divisional Playoffs Betting Online

The NFL regular season is down to the last quarter and several teams have their eyes set on the playoffs while sports bettors will be paying attention to which teams need to play and which teams want to go home. Continue

NFC Divisional Playoff Betting

In the NFC there has been plenty of great NFL playoff betting odds moments as well. Continue

NFC Second Round Divisional Playoff Betting

There was a time and place when the NFC was the dominant conference and rattled off a long streak of consecutive Super Bowl wins over the AFC, but both sides have had success recently. Continue

NFL Football Playoffs Online

In the NFL playoffs the best teams usually win, but identifying the right bets are tough. But if you can find those consistently, winning in the playoff weekends is gratifying. There are a large number of stats to look at including straight-up record, core statistics (points, rushing, passing, etc) and non-core stats (sacks, punting yardage, etc). Continue

Super Bowl

The biggest gambling day of the year is the Super Bowl, when various prop bets and others get gambled on by a wide variety of casual and professional fans throughout the world. More

Super Bowl Prop Betting Odds

After months of regular season games and playoffs, finally the sports bettors focus all their attention on the Super Bowl. For a few hours, this Sunday game brings fans from all over the world together to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. The Super Bowl is a gambling extravaganza. Continue

Super Bowl Sunday Halftime Show Betting

Gamblers can bet on almost anything at online sportsbooks. The national anthem, halftime show, and even other sports are involved in betting opportunities. Continue

SuperBowl MVP Odds to Win - 2018 Super Bowl MVP

The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, or Super Bowl MVP, is an award given at the conclusion of the SuperBowl, the National Football League's championship game, to the player deemed to have made the most significant positive impact on the outcome of the game. Continue

NFL Pro Bowl Betting Matchups and Results

Many of the NFL’s top stars have gotten together in the past for the Pro Bowl, and 2013 will be played in Hawaii. Some stars skip out on the game, so make sure who is playing before putting bets on the action. Continue

College Football Halftime Betting

Informed football sports bettors prefer to bet the second half of the game rather than the first half of the football game. Now sports bettors are starting to place their football bets after watching the first half of a particular game and are loading up on the second half. Continue

College Football Betting Odds and BCS College Football Action

One of the busiest and most exciting times of the year in sports is just around the corner — the start of the NCAA football season, and with increased exposure on television and via the internet, online NCAA football betting is at an all-time high. Continue

NCAA Football Betting Online

The NCAA football season is upon us which means it is time to start comparing schedules, statistics, returning starters, and knowing the ins and outs of each college football team is a big factor in a winning this college football betting season. Continue

Week By Week College Football Predictions

Looking for FREE Weekly NCAA Football picks online? Look no farther. Every week we'll choose a few games and preview them, give you the college football betting trends, make a free prediction and free pick, and review the odds for the game, and who you should be putting your money on. Continue

NCAA SEC Conference Odds & Schedule

One of the more storied conference’s in all of college football has been the Southeast Conference otherwise known as the SEC. Created in 1932, the SEC has long been known for putting forth some of the best and most successful programs in the history of the sport. Continue

NCAA Big Twelve Conference Odds & Schedule

The Big 12 first originated back in 1996, but before that, it took the combining of a pair of conferences to get to that point. Way back in 1907, the Big 8 came about with original members Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington-St. Louis and Iowa. These five universities originally took the name of the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association; or the MVIAA. Continue

NCAA Big Ten Conference Odds & Schedule

The Big Ten is the oldest of all conferences still around to this day. It was formed way back in 1896 when Purdue president James Smart thought it prudent to start regulating all intercollegiate athletics. Seven universities immediately joined the fold including the University of Chicago, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin, and of course, Purdue. Continue

NCAA ACC Conference Football Odds & Schedule

Seven charter members initially formed the Atlantic Coast Conference back in May of 1953. The founding father’s included Clemson, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, South Carolina and Wake Forest. All seven schools bolted the Southern Conference, and it wasn’t until June that the new conference’s name was established. Continue

NCAA Big East Conference Football Odds & Schedule

To fully get a feel for how the American Athletic Conference came about, you have to go to its roots that were planted back in 1979 when the Big East was formed with the idea of forming one of the best basketball conferences known in the history of the sport. Continue

Heisman Trophy Football Odds & Predictions

When you think of individual awards in sports, one of the first honors that comes to mind is the Heisman Trophy. The very best of the best in football have won this award, and the list of players who have captured the honor is more or less a "Who's Who" in college football. Continue

BCS Orange Bowl Betting Odds

The legacy of the Orange Bowl as a world-class event stadium was built on its ability to accommodate world champions and championship occasions. It was in the Orange Bowl where the Miami Dolphins held its only undefeated season; where the University of Miami won three national collegiate football championships. Continue

BCS Sugar Bowl Betting Odds

Its popularity through the years gave the Sugar Bowl the honors of becoming a part of the BCS championship series, an honor that only five college bowl games can claim. This helps the Sugar Bowl bring in the best-of-the-best in college football each year. Continue

BCS Rose Bowl Betting Odds

The Rose Bowl is an annual American college football game, usually played on January 1 at the Rose Bowl stadium, in Pasadena, California. Nicknamed "The Granddaddy of Them All," the Rose Bowl is part of the annual Tournament of Roses event. Continue

BCS Fiesta Bowl Betting Odds

The Fiesta Bowl is an annual college football game held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. It is one of four bowls that take turns hosting the national championship game of college football. Continue

BCS College Football Bowl Betting

The top two teams in the BCS standings at the end of the regular season – regardless of conference affiliation - qualify for the BCS Championship Game. The BCS standings are only used to determine the championship game matchup. Continue

NCAA Bowl Rankings and BCS Bowl Standing

NCAA college football is a fascinating sport. Understanding its key features will not only help you enjoy the sport More, but also become More skilled at college football betting. The key to successful bowl betting is knowledge and research. Continue

BCS Bowl Game Scores and Results

The Alabama Crimson Tide is the defending national champion. Continue

Capital One Bowl betting line

Capital One Bowl betting line is piqued by the tendency of the two conferences involved in the matchup to have streaks of consecutive victories in these contests. Currently, the bowl has tie-ins with the SEC and the Big Ten holding the first selection after the BCS for both conferences. Continue

Valero Alamo Bowl Betting

The Valero Alamo Bowl showcases two of the premier conferences in the country, the Big 12 and Big Ten. The bowl has quickly become one of the most popular bowls in the country, producing eight of the top 25 most-watched bowl games in ESPN history while selling out three of the last four years. More...

Champs Sports Bowl Gambling

The Champs Sports Bowl is an annual college football bowl game that is played in Orlando, Florida. The game was played at Pro Player Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida from 1990 to 2000 and is now played at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. The bowl is operated by Florida Citrus Sports, a non-profit group which also organizes the Capital One Bowl and Florida Classic. Continue

EagleBank Bowl Betting Online

The game, which was originally dubbed "The Congressional Bowl" before sponsorship was received by EagleBank. Continue

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl Lines

The Gator Bowl is an annual college football bowl game that is played at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. It is one of the oldest college bowls, held continuously since 1946. Its current full name is the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl after its present sponsor, Konica Minolta. Continue

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl Odds

The Holiday Bowl is a post-season NCAA-sanctioned Division I-A college football bowl game that has been played annually at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California, since 1978. The game is currently sponsored by Pacific Life Insurance, so it is known as the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl; previous title sponsors have been Sea World, Thrifty Car Rental, Plymouth, and Culligan. Continue

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Betting Online

The Insight Bowl had featured teams from the NCAA's Big East Conference and PAC-10 Conference (starting in 2006, the Insight Bowl feature a matchup between the sixth-place teams from the Big Ten and Big 12 Conferences). From 1989 to 1999, the game was played in Tucson's Arizona Stadium. Since 2000, the games have been played at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, now known as Chase Field. Starting in 2006, the bowl has moved to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. It is now known as the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Continue

AutoZone Liberty Bowl matchups

Since the 2006 football season, the game matches the Conference USA champion with a team from the SEC. The game airs nationally on ESPN, and is carried nationwide by ESPN Radio. Continue

Armed Forces Bowl

The game is played in the 46,000-seat Amon G. Carter Stadium on the campus of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, featuring a team from Mountain West Conference. Continue

Chick-fil-A Bowl Cotton Bowl The AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic is a United States college football bowl game played annually since 1937 at the self-named stadium in Dallas, Texas. The game is currently sponsored by AT&T, and has previously been known as the Mobil Cotton Bowl Classic, the Southwestern Bell Cotton Bowl Classic, and the SBC Cotton Bowl Classic. Continue

GMAC Bowl The GMAC Bowl is a post-season NCAA-sanctioned Division I Football Bowl Subdivision college football bowl game that has been played annually at Ladd Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama since 1999. It pits a Conference USA team (home team) against a team from either the Mid-American Conference or the Western Athletic Conference. The game was previously known as the Mobile, Alabama Bowl from 1999 to 2000 until it received corporate sponsorship from GMAC Financial Services, formerly a unit of General Motors. Continue

Hawaii Bowl The Hawaii Bowl is typically played on either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. The game matches teams from either Conference USA or the Pac-10 vs. WAC member schools. Continue

Independence Bowl Odds This game originally matched the Southland Conference champion against an at-large opponent. In 1981, though, the Independence Bowl began inviting major college teams. Since 1995, the bowl has featured an SEC team against an at-large team. Continue

International Bowl The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) today announced approval for the International Bowl, a new college football game, to be played at Rogers Centre in Toronto. The game will be played the first week of January and will match a team from the Big East Conference against an opponent from the Mid-American Conference. Continue

Las Vegas Bowl Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl odds will be set for a likely matchup between teams from the Mountain West Conference and the Pac 10 Conference. Most members of the general Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl betting public will likely think first towards the Pac 10 Conference team based on the perception of it being a BCS league. More

Motor City Bowl The Motor City Bowl is a post-season college football bowl game certified by the NCAA that has been played annually since 1997. The Motor City Bowl features a bowl-eligible team from the Mid-American Conference playing a bowl-eligible team from the Big Ten Conference. If the Big Ten does not have an eligible team, the game will feature a team from the Big East that meets the NCAA requirement of at least six wins. In the event that the Big East does not have an available team, an at-large team can be chosen. Continue

Music City Bowl Music City Bowl game betting tips should involve looking at some important trends. You might want to consider teams that come into the game on streaks. Continue

New Mexico Bowl New Mexico Bowl betting will be a nice holiday treat for those tracking NCAA football odds before Christmas Eve dawns. Once again, a representative of the Western Athletic Conference will take on a squad from the Mountain West Conference. Continue

New Orleans Bowl The New Orleans Bowl was originally envisioned as a NCAA football matchup between the Sun Belt champions versus an at-large opponent. This was the format of the first New Orleans Bowl in 2001, when North Texas took on Colorado State from the Mountain West conference. Colorado prevailed 45-20 in what was the third-most watched bowl game on ESPN2 since the network started broadcasting bowl games in 1997. In 2002, however, Conference USA signed a multi-year agreement with the New Orleans Bowl to send a mutually acceptable team from Conference USA. Continue

Outback Bowl Outback Bowl in Tampa Bay, FL It seems like every year the Outback Bowl lands two of the biggest names in college football. It's hard to bet on when you're drawing teams from the Big Ten and SEC conferences. You can't beat top-notch, NCAA Bowl football Game betting action in a beautiful setting like Tampa Bay. Continue

Poinsettia Bowl San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl odds will be set for a likely matchup of teams from the Mountain West Conference and the Pac 10 Conference. San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl odds will be based not on the entire body of work of the two teams but instead much of it will be based on the recent performance of the teams. Continue

St. Petersburg Bowl St. Petersburg Bowl odds will likely be set for a matchup between teams from the Big East Conference and Conference USA scheduled on Saturday, December 20. St. Petersburg Bowl odds will include the interesting combination and intangibles of a BCS team from the Big East facing a non BCS team from Conference USA. This will lead to a St. Petersburg Bowl betting angle regarding the motivation of the two teams and will have a serious effect on the college football odds. Continue

Meineke Car Care Bowl The Meineke Car Care Bowl is an NCAA-sanctioned Division I-A post-season college football bowl game that has been played annually at 73,367-seat Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, since 2002. Certified by the NCAA as simply the Queen City Bowl, from 2002 to 2004, the game was known as the Continental Tire Bowl after Continental Tire became the title sponsor for the contest. The game's current corporate title sponsor is Meineke Car Care Center. It features a matchup between teams which have ranked at or approximate to #5 in their respective conferences (the ACC and the Big East). Continue Bowl The Bowl is an annual postseason college football bowl game played in Birmingham, Alabama. The bowl is presented by a partnership of operators and sponsors. It is operated and managed by ESPN Regional Television, an ESPN subsidiary, although Papa John’s Pizza is the title sponsor.Continue

Texas Bowl The inaugural Texas Bowl will be played in Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans. The Texas Bowl will feature teams from the Big 12 and the Big East Conferences. In future years, the Bowl will also feature teams from Conference USA and, potentially, Texas Christian University. The game will be shown live on the NFL Network. Continue

Roadys Bowl The 12th Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl, sponsored by Roady’s Truck Stops, will be held at Bronco Stadium in Boise, ID in December. Known as the Humanitarian Bowl from 1997 to 1999, and then as the Humanitarian Bowl from 2000 until 2003 MPC Computers has been the sponsor until now. Continue

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest gambling day of the year. A half a billion dollars could be gambled this year, so it’s a huge day for internet sports books around the world. Continue

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