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Gamblers Palace was created to meet the demand for handicapping stats and sports handicapping information. The world of online gambling is always changing. If you do not keep up with these changes, the ones who do will pass you by and you will get left behind. This site will keep up to date on the latest online sports betting news, Casino gambling contest and online poker tournaments around the world, so you don't have to.

Online sports gamblers have a variety of options on the web, and are a valuable commodity for sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites. When deciding which sports betting site to join, a gambler must consider all the bonuses and sportsbook bonus codes that apply to him or her.

The Online Gambling industry needs a certain degree of pressure in order to self-police itself. And, there are plenty of gaming sites that need to be exposed for the crooks they are...

The rules at Online Sportsbooks conform very closely to those found at Las Vegas Sportsbook, and are used to protect both our company and you, the bettor.

Receive Credit or Cash on your sports wagers at an online sportsbooks using their loyalty programs! Some of the more intelligent sportsbooks have implemented these loyalty programs which reward the sports bettors with points every time they make a wager, which once a bunch loyalty points are accumulated/accrued can be turned in for free bets, cash, free payouts, trips, prizes and more.

If you are looking for sports betting information, sportsbook wager tips or want to make smart sports bet without time-consuming analysis, you are at right place. Bookmark us, because we will do that research for you and can lead you down the right path.

We have created the following sports betting glossary to service all your sport betting needs. It has all the definitions for sports betting terms and the appropriate sports betting words or phrases for the gambling acronyms. would like to build your trust and confidence with our site by promoting the use of fair information practices. Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy we have agreed to notify you of the following:

Sports Betting Rules

At least 55 minutes of play must elapse for bets to have action, unless otherwise specified. Overtime counts for all bets unless otherwise specified.

All games must start on the scheduled date for bets to have action. At least 43 minutes of play must elapse for NBA game bets to have action. On WNBA & NCAA at least 35 minutes of play must elapse to have action.

The game must go to 8 1/2 complete innings. In the event of a pitcher change or an incomplete game (less than 8 1/2 innings) all money lines wagers are no action.

For betting purposes, a hockey game (prop or college) becomes official after fifty-five (55) minutes of play.

All match odds are based on the result at the end of a scheduled 90 minutes play, unless otherwise stated. Bets are settled on the score standing at the end of the scheduled '90 minutes' including any added injury or stoppage time.

The Field includes any driver who is not listed. Any drivers who do not qualify for the race will be deemed no action. The race must be run within one week of the scheduled off time for there to be action. The official winner of the race shall be the winner of the race for wagering purposes; this includes all races which are halted prematurely for any reason.

All participants in a given tournament will be priced to win the tournament outright. Each-way betting is available, details are displayed under the competition title.

Outright betting including Field and Futures wagers - Prior to the draw taking place for any tournament, all in compete or not. Non-runner no bet after the draw has been made. Each-way terms will be displayed on the website.All participants in a given tournament will be priced to win the tournament outright.


Casino Games

The little white ball has been swirling around those black and red numbers for some 200 years in casinos, and farther back past that go rudimentary wheel games that may have come back to Europe by the first explorers to China and the Middle East.

Baccarat is a simple game with only 3 possible outcomes: 'Player', 'Banker' and 'Tie'. Unlike other card games, In Baccarat the term 'Player' does not refer to the person playing the game and the term 'Banker' does not refer to the house. They are simply just options on which you can bet.

Craps can be an intimidating game for the beginner. The table it's self, seems to have about a hundred different kinds of bets. As well, the understanding that craps is a game of rounds.

Pai gow poker is one of the simplest games at the casino, and it’s starting to make a big splash around the world. Pai Gow Poker combines elements of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American poker game. Pai Gow Poker is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards plus one Joker.

Let it Ride Poker is a game that is growing in popularity, capturing the interest of Casino gamblers looking to play a “steady payout game” while also hoping for that big score. And, of course, just the chance to say “Let it Ride” has appeal for many!

The rules for slots are one of the simplest set of rules for any casino game. Simply insert a coin and try your luck by pulling the handle or push the spin button.

Video Poker is a close relative of the regular game of poker and is derived from a combination of slot machines and five-card draw poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a 5-card poker game played with a single deck of 52 cards, where you play against the Dealer. You place an Ante (initial bet), receive a hand, and decide whether you would like to bet against the Dealer's hand. One of the Dealer's cards is dealt face up so your decision will have to be made on the card showing and the strength of your 5-card poker hand.

The object of the game, which is played with one or more 52-card decks, by one or more players, versus a dealer, is to draw cards that total exactly 21, or come as close to this count as possible without going over it. Exceeding the critical count is said to be breaking 21, or busting.

Blackjack Tournaments


Thoroughbred horse racing is one of the fastest-rising and most exciting sports betting events in the world. Horse racing, which is known as the sport of kings, has been around for centuries, and gambling has been a popular pastime.

Offshore Racebooks have established a very generous horse racing betting rebate program. The more you wager, the more you make. - A rebate is a cash reward paid on every wager you make, win or lose.

Take a look at all the tracks we offer, they are separated into categories A, B, C, D and E. We have different limits and payout for each category. If you don't see a track that is listed that you would like to bet on give us a call, we'll see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Our horse racing calculators is a professional systematic approach to horse racing and all sports betting. Online wagering calculators tailored to all sports betting requirements whether it be horse racing, football fixed odds, greyhound racing or any other type of Sports.

If you wish to make a bet on more than one selection, this quick and easy betting tool is the answer. It will calculate the amount of dollars you need to place on each selection. All you have to do is put in the name of the selection, expected odds and choose any one of the 3 options below. Please work with Decimal figures only, eg. 5/2 would be 3.5 and 8/1 would be 9.

Use this program to convert traditional fractional odds to decimal odds. It also displays the odds as a percentage.

Calculates theoretical Quinella odds based on your own rated odds ( true odds ) and a comparative set of odds ( actual odds on offer ) for identifying the overlays. Option for setting a minimum and/or maximum Quinella odds range. Displays the required stake on each Quinella combination to return a nominal takeout figure ( for betting to prices ).

Calculates theoretical Trifecta odds based on your own rated odds (true odds) and a comparative set of odds (actual odds on offer) for identifying any overlays. Option for setting minimum and/or maximum Trifecta odds ranges. Calculates the required stake on each Trifecta combination to return a nominal takeout figure (for betting to prices). Select certain runners for standout positions. Option for displaying overlays only.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby field is limited to 20 horses. If more than 20 horses enter the race, the final entries are determined by the amount of graded stakes earnings each horse has accumulated.

When you think of the greatest racetracks in the world, you naturally think of Churchill Downs, home of the most famous horse race of them all the Kentucky Derby.

Past Derby winners, race entries, live horse race results, Kentucky Derby betting tips and everything else you ever wanted to know about the run for the roses and the visa triple crown challenge.

The world best thoroughbreds and jockeys will line-up to race around a 1.25 mile track, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, for the first leg of the Triple Crown Championships, in the first week of May, for the running of the Kentucky Derby.

Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes is restricted to only 14 Preakness Stakes runners and will run two weeks after the first leg of the Triple Crown Championship at Pimlico Race Track.

Pimlico Raceway is sure to be absolutely alive with passion and energy as the top horses in the world converge in one of the premier horse races in the world.

Past Preakness winners, race entries, live horse race results, Preakness Stakes betting tips and everything else you ever wanted to know about the run for the Black-Eyed Susan Stakes and the middle jewel of the famed Triple Crown challenge.

Belmont Stakes

Horse racing fans focus on the Belmont Stakes horse race, that will features a 13-race card that begins with a first race post time of noon. The last leg of the USA Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes, held five weeks after the Kentucky Derby at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

The Belmont Park Race Track has been open for over 100 years and their highest one-day attendance came in 2004, when over 120,000 horse racing betting enthusiasts took in a day at the track.

Past Belmont Stakes winners, race entries, live horse race results, Belmont Park horse betting tips and everything else you ever wanted to know about the Run for the Carnations and the last leg of the famed Triple Crown challenge.

Breeders Cup

The Breeders’ Cup World Championships is the culmination of the horse racing season worldwide and the $5 million Breeders' Cup Classic is the defining event of the international racing season, that is  race in all of North America. It is open to horses 3-years-old and older and is limited to 14 starters.

Past Breeders Cup winners, race entries, live horse race results, Breeders horse betting tips. Breeders' Cup Championship will have a total of 14 races spread over two days of racing with $25 million in purse money on the line.


Sports Betting Tools

Get live scores, results and match updates In Gamblers Palace live scores and results. Find all live scores, fixtures and the latest news.

This sports betting calendar provides a general outline of major events only and links from the online sports betting calendar navigate to event betting previews or reviews.

Looking for information that will reveal how to make extra money online with sports betting. We will explain to you what is sports betting and advice for placing your sports bets online. Even if you do not have any interest in sports or bettingon sports, you will find information of this website very useful.

Gamblers Palace has complied a sports betting glossary of the unique terms and definitions commonly used by gamblers around the world today for information purposes only.

WAP service, a new mobile application that enables sportsbook customers to check daily schedules, account balances, live lines anywhere at anytime, using the same account already used for Internet wagers!

A parlay, as you know, is simply a payout based on the probability of two or more things happening. For baseball, what the bookie does is apply a factor to each game and then he can mix and match whatever games his players want and easily calculate the payouts.

Sports fans are competitive by nature, they are always trying to probe themselves are the best. By betting on sports they test how good they are in sports wisdom. The main object of sports betting is to beat the 'Oddsmakers' or the 'Odds Compilers' and win some money. Additionally, placing a bet on your favorite sport event makes the game exciting and more enjoyable.

Every game of chance offers the house a certain statistical advantage but none works off so small a profit margin - theoretically between one and four percent for sports betting. With so little room for error, sportsbooks have come to rely on a combination of accurate point spreads and an understanding of how and when to move lines as their primary defense against players.

Another way to bet football is with the over/under or totals that are posted on the sports betting screen. Sports betting totals, also known as over/unders are yet another alternative to betting sides with the point spread. Over/under sports bets are simply betting on whether or not the two teams will reach a combined score that goes over or under the posted number set by the oddsmakers.

How to Bet on Sports

While seasoned gamblers understand the money-line, many sports bettors do not understand this type of sports betting option and the huge potential benefits associated with using it.

Point spread betting is the most common form of betting Football and Basketball games. The games are handicapped where in most cases one team will be favored to win by a predetermined margin.

A straight bet  is one of the most common forms of sports betting where you pick which team will win the game. When placing a straight bet on baseball, you bet on which team will win the game outright.

There are two basic parts of football games on which you can bet on - the 'totals' and the 'sides'. While 'totals' are bet with the goal of determining whether the final combined score of a game will be over or under a specified number, 'sides' can be bet using either the point spread (picking a team to 'cover') or the money line (picking a team to win the game outright).

A parlay or a hookup sports bet, is a group of straight bets or totals combined into one bet. For the parlay to win all of the individual parts of the parlay need to win for the parlay to be a winner.

A teaser is a group of straight bets or totals combined into one bet. The difference between a parlay and a teaser is that with a teaser the line you bet against for each individual wager is moved to your favor by the number of points of the teaser.

Someone new to the sports betting world, may not quite know what a Football Pleaser Bet is. In this section we will explain what Pleasers bets are and what sportsbooks to use when betting Pleasers bets online.

An If Bet consists of two straight bets joined together by an IF CLAUSE.  That is, if the customer's first play is a win or a push, then we process his second wager.  In If Bets the player gets Double Action (wager goes on only if the first one wins, ties or cancels). 

These are simply two straight bets joined together into If Bets that work in both directions of the if clause, the risk is the same for all the wagers in the reverse, they are used for all the major sports except circled games, and no buying points is allowed.

A Round Robin Parlay bet is a wager in which three to 18 teams or totals are combined into a single play and all possible combinations of two or three team parlays are exhausted.

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