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Round Robin Wagering - Round Robin Sports Betting Guide

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Round Robin Bet ( Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey )

Round Robin Sports BettingBettors can cover their bases and wager all possible combinations by using a Round Robin and bet many parlays at once.

A Round Robin Parlay bet is a wager in which three to 18 teams or totals are combined into a single play and all possible combinations of two or three team parlays are exhausted.

The simplest way to explain a round robin bet is to classify it as a series of parlay wagers. We already know a parlay is a bet involving two or more teams, with the only way to win this bet is for every team to win.

Because they are turned into 2 or 3 team parlays, the same rules apply as in a regular parlay; for example, if the Round Robin were in 2 team parlay combinations:

*The payoff on each 2 team parlay is 5/13, unless money lines are involved.

*If one of the teams loses, all parlay combinations with that team are a loss

*If one team pushes, then all combinations with that team would turn into straight bets. 

Also, whatever the player risks on the Round Robin must be applied to each of the 2 team parlay combinations. You can bet multiple sports in your combinations.


Round Robin. ( A combination of 3-5 different 2-Team Parlays)
No. of Teams  Odds
2 Teams 2.645


Teams Line Price Total Price
LA Clippers +7 -110 185 -110
Oakland Raiders -7 -110 41 -110
USC Trojans -9 -110 45

Bet example: 3-Team Round Robin distributed in $100 2-Team Parlays 

LA Clippers +7,Oakland Raiders-7 Risking $100. to win $264.50 

LA Clippers +7,USC Trojans -9 Risking $100. to win $264.50 

Oakland Raiders -7, USC Trojans -9 Risking $100. to win $264.50 

Total at Risk $300 to win $780.

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NFL Football Sports Betting Bonus

Round robin parlays provide a great option when the board has several sports betting lines in which you feel confidence, because the round robin allows you to create numerous small sports betting parlays involving those sports betting lines. Start Round robin parlays betting Today at

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