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Poker Online Security Questions and FAQs

Security & Fairness

The Security and Fairness of our software is very important to us at Gamblers Palace Poker. We can ensure our players that all of their information is safe and secure and that no hackers will be able to determine a player's cards or use any security flaws or algorithmic problems to gain an advantage in our Poker rooms.

Data Security

Gamblers Palace Poker uses 128-bit SSL data encryption for our processing center and our customer website. We ensure the highest privacy and confidentiality of your data to and from our servers.

Account Security

Gamblers Palace Poker accounts may only be accessed with a unique displayname, email, and password. Each player is only allowed one account, and players must register using their true identity. All players are required to provide their complete mailing address and contact information when creating an Account at Gamblers Palace Poker. Registering with a false name or mailing address will cause the associated Account to be subject to closure. Random identity checks and other security reviews are done regularly to protect the integrity of our system.

Shuffling Algorithm

Gamblers Palace Poker uses a very advanced shuffling algorithm based on seed value that is completely unpredictable by an end user. We cut and shuffle our cards between at least 10 times to ensure it is fully randomized. We only start with a new deck the first time the table is dealt and then reshuffle the same deck in subsequent rounds to further prevent any guessing of deck ordering. Our seed is a 64-bit number ensuring all 4 billion possible deck combinations and we also use values from the server's system resources, the system clock, and the hand number to ensure a purely random seed for each shuffle.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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