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Multi Poker Tournaments Online

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Multi Table Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments is a game format where players can play against an unlimited number of other players all playing simultaneously over multiple tables. The object of the game is to eventually win all the chips from every player in the tournament.

PitbullPoker offers all of our poker games in the multi-table format at various buy-in amounts.

Tournament games run 24 hours a day. Games start at posted times. Select Tournaments in the table pull down list for available tournaments that you may watch or register for.

To register for a tournament, click on the tournament that you wish to join in the tournament list. The tournament info will appear with a ‘Register’ button. Click the Register button and a popup will appear verifying the buy-in funds to be taken from your account. After you verify the funds to be taken from your account, you will be registered for the tournament. You may unregister for the tournament at any time before the tournament registration closes.

All Players start with 1000 chips, unless otherwise posted in the ‘Tournament Info’ in the tournament that you select.

Blinds start at 10/15 and go up every 15 minutes. Please consult the ‘Tournament Info’ in the tournament game you select for the complete blind structure.

When a player loses all his chips he is out of the Sit & Go tournament. Each player is ranked according to the position that he leaves the table.

At certain points in the tournament, all players will be on break so the player can take a break from playing and use the restroom, grab a snack, etc. Most breaks occur every hour and are for 5 minutes. Check the break structure in ‘Tournament Info’ for exact times.

At two points in the game all tables will play ‘Hand for Hand’ until a specified number of players are left. In hand for hand, all tables stop when their hand is complete and wait for the other tables to complete the hands. When all tables are complete, all tables deal the next hand and repeat the process until the specified numbers of players are left. The two points that will be hand for hand in tournaments are before the award schedule starts and before the final table. The start and finish of hand for hand is posted in tournament info.

The award schedule is based on the amount of players that have joined the tournament. The award schedule for the tournament is posted after the tournament starts and can be found in ‘Tournament Info’.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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