Point Spread Betting | How to bet 101

The point spread allows you to bet on the margin of victory in a game.

The strongest team or player will be favored by a given number of points. The number of points is determined by the perceived gapin ability between the two teams or players.

The team with (-) points is the favorite.

The team with (+) points is the underdog.

As an example:

Eagles -4.5, Giants +4.5

The Eagles are -4.5, this

means they are the favorite and perceived as the stronger team. In this case the Eagles need to win by 5 points or more for a bet on them to win.

The Giants are +4.5 so in this case they are the underdog and can lose by up to 4 points, or win the game outright in order for a bet on them to win.

In the case of whole numbers, such as Eagles -5, and the Eagles win by exactly 5 points, that bet is considered a "PUSH" and the bettor is refunded.