How to Bet on NFL

There are numerous ways to bet on NFL games at online sportsbooks, as NFL odds do not stop at the point spread and total. NFL betting actually begins before the season event starts with NFL futures. You can bet on a team to win the Super Bowl, conference, division, and you can also bet over or under how many games a team will win.

Once the games start the action really heats up with the pointspread, total, money line, quarters, props and live betting. NFL betting is extremely popular and there are more ways than ever to bet the games.

NFL Pointspread

NFL betting for many people is all about picking a winner against the spread. Also known as the line, odds, or spread, the pointspread is a predicted margin of victory that is supposed to balance the action on a game. It is a number that oddsmakers hope will attract money to both sides of the game. For example, the New England Patriots might be 3-point favorites against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you wanted to take the Patriots you would be laying 3-points to the Steelers and for your bet to win, the Patriots would have to beat the Steelers by more than three points. If Pittsburgh won the game outright or if they lost by less than three points the Patriots bet would be a loser. If the Patriots won by exactly three points the bet would be considered a push, or a tie and bettors would get their money back on the game.

NFL Total or Over/Under

Betting NFL totals is very simple, as you are betting on whether the total amount of points scored will go over or under the set number at the sportsbook. For example, if the total on the Patriots and Steelers was 50, you could bet over or under that number. If you took the over you would need the combined score of both teams to be over 50. Conversely, if you bet the under you would need the combined total to stay under 50 points.

NFL Money Line

The money line in NFL betting takes the pointspread out of the equation entirely. You simply are picking which team you think will win the game. In that previous example if you liked the Patriots you would have to lay a price in the range of -200, while if you like the Steelers you would be getting +170. The odds are based on $100 wagers, so if you wanted to take the Patriots you would be risking $200 to win $100. If you bet the Steelers you would win $170 for every $100 wagered, or the 17-10 equivalent.

NFL Quarters

When you bet on NFL quarters you have the same options you do with the full game in terms of sides, totals and money lines, but your bet is only for one quarter. You can bet the first, second, third or fourth quarter and your bet is only for that specific quarter. The pointspreads, totals and money lines are much smaller, as you are betting just one-fourth of the game.

NFL Futures

There are numerous NFL futures on the board at the sportsbook, from Super Bowl odds to total wins by each team. You are placing a wager on what will happen in the future and your bet will not be determined until the end of the season. Keep in mind that you can bet Super Bowl, conference and division futures before the season and at many sportsbooks throughout the season.

NFL Props

Not only can you bet NFL futures at the online sportsbook, you can also bet NFL props. These can be full season props like who will win the MVP or they can also be individual game props. For example, you might have a prop on which quarterback will throw for more yards in a game or which running game will score the most touchdowns.

NFL Live Betting

Not to be left out is NFL live betting at the sportsbook. Many people want to be in action throughout the game and that is where live betting comes into play. Odds are constantly updated throughout the game and you can bet on the changing odds and you can also bet on specific outcomes of drives, plays, etc. Live betting is so much more than just the point spread and total.

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