The Championships, Wimbledon

The Championships, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and has been played on a grass court at the All England Club in London, England since 1877. It is one of the four major tennis events in the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The other Grand Slam tournaments are the Australian Open, the French Open and the U.S. Open.

The tournament at Wimbledon begins on the last Monday in June and will traditionally close out with the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Singles Finals at the end of 2 weeks. The courts at Wimbledon are void of sponsorship banners and logos for the most part and the only advertised item you will see is that of Rolex which is utilized for keeping accurate match times.

The 2020 Championships at Wimbledon were cancelled for the first time since World War II due to the COVID-19 pandemic but advances in the health and safety of the players allowed activities to resume in 2021.

There are 5 main events at Wimbledon. In the main events there are the Gentleman’s Singles, Ladies’ Singles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Ladies’ Doubles and Mixed Doubles There are 128 players assigned to compete in both the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles, whereas the doubles for the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles have 64 players and the Mixed Doubles had 48 players.

There are also 4 junior events and 7 invitational events at Wimbledon.  In the Junior events there are the Boys' Singles and Girls' Singles, both with 64 players, and Boys' Doubles and Girls' Doubles, both with 32 players. In the Invitational events there are the Gentlemen's Invitation Doubles, the Ladies' Invitation Doubles and the Senior Gentlemen's Invitation Doubles, all with 8 pairs of “Round Robin” format play, and then there are the Gentlemen's Wheelchair Singles, the Ladies' Wheelchair Singles the Gentlemen's Wheelchair Doubles and the Ladies' Wheelchair Doubles.

The Gentlemen’s Singles and Gentlemen’s Doubles are decided by the winners of the best-of-five sets whereas all other events in the tournament are decided by the winners of the best-of three sets. In 2019 the total amount of prize money distributed at Wimbledon was £38 million. The Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Champions each receive £2.35 million of the prize pool.

The current favorites to win the tournament are Novak Djokovic for the men and Ashleigh Barty for the ladies.

Men’s odds to win Wimbledon 2021

Winner of Gentlemen’s Singles: Novak Djokovic  6,7 6,4 6,4 6,3

Women’s odds to win Wimbledon 2021

Winner of Ladies’ Singles: Ashleigh Barty  6,3 6,7 6,3


The 2019 Champions

Gentlemen’s Singles: Novak Djokovic (16 Grand Slam titles and 5 Wimbledon titles)

Ladies’ Singles: Simona Halep (2 Grand Slam titles)

Men’s Doubles: Juan Sebastián Cabal (2 Grand Slam titles)

Men’s Doubles: Robert Farah (1 Grand Slam title)

Ladies’ Doubles: Barbora Strýcová (1 Grand Slam title)

Ladies’ Doubles: Su-Wei Hsieh (3 Grand Slam titles)

Mixed Doubles: Latisha Chan (3 Grand Slam Mixed Doubles titles)

Mixed Doubles: Ivan Dodig (3 Grand Slam Mixed Doubles titles)