College Baseball NCAA World Series

The 2021 College World Series starts on June 19th with the CWS Finals on June 28th and the CWS Final Championship game on June 29th or 30th.

In the days leading up to the College World Series, NC State beat #1 ranked Arkansas for a spot in the tournament. The eight remaining Division I teams are now headed to Omaha, Nebraska to play in the College World Series where the NCAA champion will be decided.


2021 CWS Schedule

Regionals: June 4th thru 8th

Super Regionals: June 11th thru 14th  

First CWS games: June 19th  

Start of CWS Finals: June 28th

CWS Championship Game: June 29th or 30th


History of the CWS

The roots of the NCAA Division I baseball dates back to as early as 1947. Since then there have been a number of changes in the structure of the tournament. Some of the early changes include changing the First-Round playoffs to a ‘double elimination’ format in 1948. In the following season the location was moved to Wichita, Kansas and the final was expanded to include 4 teams in a double elimination format and in 1950 the site of the tournament was moved to Omaha, Nebraska.

In 1954 the field of teams was raised to 23 and over the following 22 years’ constant manipulation of the number of teams in the field would range between 21 to 32 although the number involved was never the same for consecutive seasons. This number would be set to 34 teams in 1976 where it would remain until 1982 where the field was expanded to 36 teams.

The addition of more teams continued for a number of years until in 1987 it was decided that 48 was the optimum number. This number would not change until 1999 where the number of teams in the field was settled at 64 and the Super Regionals was integrated. Since 2003 in order to be crowned the CWS Champion competing teams must win a ‘best of 3’ series.