How to bet on Golf - Golf Betting

How to bet on Golf

The most popular form of golf bet is selecting who will be the tournament winner even though the number of players in a single tournament can reach the mid hundreds. In order to expand the range of options for tournament betting you will often find other categories such as head-to-head, first round leader and others.

Just as any other sport betting on a longshot or an underdog can potentially net you a more significant payout. The difference is that golf offers a much larger field of players to select from so choosing one of the other available betting options can increase your chances of winning.


Golf matchups

In golf, matchup betting allows the bettor to wager on a certain outcome between two specific golfers. Odds makers will commonly place the top ranking players in various matchups against each other.

Matchup betting in golf consists of a favorite and an underdog and will sometimes include a point spread. it is very different from betting on the tournament winner where there are many players in the field.

When betting on the favorite, the amount that is assigned to the player is the amount that you would have to wager in order to win $100. When betting the underdog, the dollar amount assigned to the player is the amount you will win for every $100 placed on that line.


Golf Futures

There are a number of golf tournaments that take place throughout the year and odds makers will usually offer future betting for all of the major events. A list of the major events includes the US Open, PGA Championship, British Open and The Masters.

In the LGPA there are also golf tournaments for women of which 5 of them are major events. Women’s PGA Championship, the Evian Championship, US Women’s Open, Women’s British Open and ANA Inspiration.


Golf Props

Golf props are another way for odds makers to enhance the betting experience. Although propositions will vary depending on where you bet, some of the more commons options include head-to-head betting, hole-in-one betting and top 5/10/20 betting. Check with your sportsbook to see if these options are available.