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Offshore Sportsbook Gambling - Top Off-Shore Wagering Sites

Offshore Sportsbook GamblingMost of our readers already know why you should be placing your bets offshore, bonuses, convenience, reduced juice, etc. etc.

Our mission at Gamblers Palace "The Bettors Edge" is to identify the best offshore sportsbooks, as well as, warning players about unscrupulous offshore sportsbooks.

On this page you will find, Sports betting help, gambling reviews, and information to enhance your offshore gambling experience.

Also, we monitor the offshore sports gaming industry in an effort to provide our visitors with an avenue to find reputable offshore sportsbooks to wager with, once he/she decides to start gambling online.

Whether you are betting football, betting baseball, or betting basketball, you must go with a quality offshore bookmaker and a clear understanding of what to look for in an online sportsbook.

Offshore Sportsbook Wagering

In many parts of the world, including the majority of the US, gambling is prohibited. Sports gamblers are forced to visit gambling cities such as Las Vegas, Atlantic CIty, in order to place their wagers, or forced to find a local bookmaker to place their sports wagers,

However, in recent years offshore sportsbooks have allowed many sports fans the opportunity to gamble on sports events, opening up a world of opportunity to gamblers.

With the opportunity to gamble on NFL and NCAA matches from the comfort of their own homes. And, since sports bettors do not have to drive to another state to place a football wager, the popularity of offshore football betting has soared in recent years.

Today, their are over 1000 internet sportsbooks out there today, most of which are low quality books that don't deserve your action. You always want to stick with the big boys, books that have a good reputation, excellent customer service, and that are rock solid financially.

Lets face it after you win, you do want to get paid quickly and hassle free. If you don't know which books are quality, well run businesses, we do have a sportsbooks section which lists some of the superior offshore bookmakers.

How to Bet Sports Online

Sports betting help comes in a number of styles. You can choose general betting guides, done up in a sports betting for dummies kind of way, or you can go for a sports specific guide, like a football betting guide or an insiders guide to tennis.

Sports bets typically include an explanation of the types of bets, the major tournaments, and the star players.

This will ensure that you are well-educated before you start wagering at an online sportsbook. You may also find that the player profiles help you connect more completely with the nuances of your favorite teams performance patterns. Continue

Top Rated Sportbooks

Rank Review Sign Up Bonus Bonus Code Rebate Mobile USA Score
1BookMaker Bookmaker 100% up to $300 GP100 8% Yes Yes 100
2BetDSI BetDSI 100% up to $500 GP300 8% Yes Yes 100
35Dimes 5 Dimes 50% up to $200 N/A 9% Yes Yes 100
4Bovada Bovada 50% up to $250 N/A 5% Yes Yes 98
5BetCRIS BetCRIS 20% up to $500 GPC25 8% Yes No 100
Bet Types & Payoffs
Action Points Bet Money Line Betting Bet Point Spreads Straight Bets Parlay Bets
Teaser Bets If Bets Reverse Bets Round Robin Bets Football Prop Bets

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