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Denver Nuggets VS. Los Angeles Lakers


Playoff Odds - Eaestern Conference Series Predictions

Phil Jackson feels his team goes out and plays dreadful on the road and his star Kobe Bryant agreed, they need to get physically ready for this series against the very strong Nuggets Coach Jackson stated, now the question is Are the Lakers ready to leave the last series behind and face forward to the Finals?? May be the answer is simple, may be the Lakers just hit a rough patch and went over it in order to get ready to claim the title.

Los Angeles suffered alot against the Rockets, they looked weak and lazy when they played on the road, Houston made them look terrible and Phil Jackson was worried about it. Kobe was also concerned but they finally went over the series and the move to a tougher match up, Nuggets are looking tougher than the Rockets on the rough game, they will be pulling, punching, scratching, biting and the rest of tricks on their bag.

Denver and Lakers played eachother 4 times in the regular season, the results prove that Lakers were better on both sides of the court.

Nov 1, 2008 - Lakers 104 - Nuggets 97

Nov 21, 2008 - Nuggets 90 - Lakers 104

Feb 27, 2009 - Lakers 79 - Nuggets 90

Apr 9, 2009 - Nuggets 102 - Lakers 116

The Lakers lead the series 3-1 and they didn’t have Bynum for those games so he might end up making a huge difference in this series.

Carmelo Anthony and his Nuggets will be roughing the lakers all over the court tomorrow night, they need leadership and a lot of luck, they have to score at least 25 points a piece to send the series to a 7th game or to leave the Lakers defeated and move to the NBA FINALS which will be surprising since the Lakers are the heavy favorites but hey anything can happen at Conference Finals.

This series will be an easy pick, LOS ANGELES LAKERS WIN THE SERIES IN 6 GAMES but they will suffer and sweat every minute on the court.

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