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Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge - NHL Playoffs

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NHL Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge

Do you think you know who will win the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup?

Half the fun of watching sports is catching an upset. Watching your team win is great, sure, but seeing an underdog come from behind and dominate a bigger team is exciting.

Our top Sportsbooks are making this even more fun by letting you be the one doing the upsetting!

Each NHL postseason we provide our readers with a Free Printable NHL Playoff bracket and will continue to archive this information for future NHL playoffs reference.

Free NHL Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge at Bookmaker

NHL Playoff Bracket ContestThe road to the NHL Stanley Cup is grueling and is rolling out their NHL Bracket Challenge again this year for the 2017 NHL playoffs.

This contest is free for all active customers. Simply make your predictions for each playoff series and correctly select the winner of Lord Stanley's Mug and you can take home the $1,000 grand prize!

On top of the grand prize, there is an additional $1,500 in runner up prizes.

How does it work?

Rank every team from each conference (1 to 8) 8 being the team most likely you think will make it to the Stanley cup finals and 1 is the rank given to the team the least likely to make it into the finals.


A correct pick in the first round was worth one point while three points was awarded for a correct second round selection. The Conference final is worth five points while correctly picking the Stanley Cup Champion will yield you seven points. You can make your picks on 4/28 for the start of the playoffs on 4/30.

Join - NHL Playoff Bracket Challenge for a chance to win a free shot at over $2,500 in total cash prizes!

NHL Stanley Cup Props

What is a Hockey Proposition bet?

A NHL future bet or Stanley Cup prop bet is, a bet that can be on almost any Sports Betting topic.

Propositional betting can be on anything from who wins this years MVP, or even to who will score more goals this year hockey games.

Find NHL odds and odds to win the 2017 Stanley Cup. So if you are looking for hockey props, you are at the right place.

If you like to bet on NHL hockey, you'll love the NHL player Props and Stanley Cup game props in one of our recommended Online sportsbooks. Continue - NHL Game Props

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