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Super Bowl 52 Odds - NFL Superbowl Prediction

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NFL Super Bowl Prediction - 2018 Superbowl Football Odds

Super Bowl Betting OddsWhen: February 4, 2018

Where: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

Who: TBA vs. TBA

For the top two teams in the National Football league, the long and grueling road ends February 4, 2018, at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, home of the Vikings.

Super Bowl LII is the final contest of the NFL professional football season and determines the league's annual champion. It is a annual championship game of the NFL between the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) champions in a battle for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Super Bowl is the last step into gridiron greatness, and their one chance to be crowned World Champions.

It will all take place again with the start of the NFL Wild Card games, that will be followed up with the NFL Divisional playoffs.

The NFL betting action continues with the NFL Conference Championship games that will be played the following Sunday.

Then NFL take a break for their customary week off before the Super Bowl, but there is still football on the betting board with the NFL Pro Bowl. That will be played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii and will air on ESPN.

Who will be this years NFL SuperBowl Champions?

With the NFL Draft and much of free agency said and done with, the teams have officially taken shape for the most part for the 2017 season. There are still plenty of questions to answer between now and when the campaign actually kicks off in September, but the prices that you'll see on the Super Bowl odds right now are about what you'll see in Week 1 of the season assuming that no crazy injuries end up happening between now and then.

The Patriots continue to be the Super Bowl favorites, and they'll probably stay that way from wire-to-wire if they end up hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Not only are the big favorites at +360, they're the only team in the league to not have at least 11 to 1 odds to win it all. The Pats got significantly better in the offseason by picking up Brandin Cooks and Kona Ealy, and that parlayed with a keeping a huge core of the vets together from last year's Super Bowl run has made them a tremendous force to be reckoned with. The AFC East is still notably bad, and we know when the calendar turns to January, that's when the Pats are really at their best. It's hard to find any reason to bet against them right now unless you really believe that Father Time is going to win his battle against Tom Brady in 2017.

Part of the problem with betting against New England is that there isn't legitimately another great contender in the AFC. The Texans and Raiders are the next teams in line at 15 to 1 to win the Super Bowl, and it's hard to see that happening on either account. Houston is presumably going to be breaking in a rookie quarterback in Deshaun Watson, while Oakland still feels like it's a long ways away from challenging a team like the Pats.

The Steelers at +1800? Maybe. Same with the Chiefs at +2500. But now we're talking about teams who aren't necessarily even locks to get into the postseason.

The NFC is absolutely wide open. The Cowboys (+1100), Packers (+1100), Seahawks (+1200) and Falcons (+1300) are all right there with one another, and it's hard to say that they're legitimately the only contenders. The Giants made themselves a lot more potent offensively this offseason by bringing in Brandon Marshall and drafting Evan Engram in the first round, and we must remember that they did beat the Cowboys twice last season.

The Bucs have an improving roster, and they were just short of the postseason a year ago. Jameis Winston might be a year away yet, and Tampa still feels like it needs a new running back to carry the load as well as a couple more offensive linemen, but Winston is special, and a price of +3000 isn't out of the question for the Buccaneers to claim their second title.

But let's not forget about the Panthers either. Carolina went 15-1 a season ago, and the argument could be made that the team is better now than it was last year just with its first two draft picks, Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel. If that successfully takes the pressure off of Cam Newton a little bit, he might turn another MVP type of season. And as we all know, if No. 1 is playing like a legit No. 1, Carolina is really dangerous. The price of +3500? It might be the best in the NFL.

Super Bowl 52 Odds

New England Patriots +360

Dallas Cowboys +1100

Green Bay Packers +1100

Seattle Seahawks +1200

Atlanta Falcons +1300

Oakland Raiders +1500

Houston Texans +1500

Denver Broncos +1800

Pittsburgh Steelers +1800

New York Giants +2200

Kansas City Chiefs +2500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3000

Indianapolis Colts +3000

Minnesota Vikings +3000

Arizona Cardinals +3200

Carolina Panthers +3500

Baltimore Ravens +4000

Philadelphia Eagles +5000

New Orleans Saints +5000

Tennessee Titans +5000

Cincinnati Bengals +5500

Miami Dolphins +6000

Washington Redskins +6000

Detroit Lions +7000

Los Angeles Chargers +8000

Buffalo Bills +9000

Jacksonville Jaguars +9000

Chicago Bears +12500

New York Jets +15000

Los Angeles Rams +15000

San Francisco 49ers +30000

Cleveland Browns +30000

Super Bowl LII Prediction - 2018 Superbowl Sunday hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium

Super Bowl 52 Game Prediction - U.S. Bank Stadium / Coming Soon!

Bet Super Bowl Game today!

There is one game each season that transcends sports. The Super Bowl has become much more than the culmination of the NFL season. It's an unofficial holiday. The day where every television network not broadcasting the game has already accepted that they simply aren't getting any viewers that day. It is also one of the biggest betting opportunities of the year.

The Super Bowl is the ideal day, with hours of pre-game analysis, sportsbook odds, and commentary will certainly aid you in your decision to pick the Superbowl winner.

Currently we are listing the "future" odds on who will win the 2018 Super Bowl, as well betting odds on the AFC and NFC championship odds.

Bet NFL Superbowl OddsAs it gets closer, the Super Bowl Props will change so if you have a favorite team or you think you know who will win, then your best bet is to play one of these futures bets now and get a SuperBowl Sportsbook Bonus when you sign up.

Will it be your team that makes it all the way?

Sign up today at and be sure to get your Super Bowl bets down early at Bookmaker Sportsbook, because the NFL Superbowl will kick off on February 4, 2018.

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Super Bowl 52 Halftime Prop Bets

NFL SuperBowl Prop BetsIf watching Super Bowl doesn't provide enough thrills, you can create your own excitement by making some crazy Super Bowl proposition, or "prop" bets.

Bet on who will take home the coveted Lombardi Trophy when then NFL's elite battle it out.

As the popularity of the Super Bowl continues to grow, the gambling world has also, adapted to betting on the Superbowl halftime Show, offering prop bets on almost anything imaginable, from who will win the coin toss to how long it will take to sing the National Anthem.

Another popular type of proposition wager involves the performance of individual players.

These type of props have grown significantly in recent years due to the explosive growth in 'fantasy football' and similar games.

One variation of this wager allows bettors to decide whether a player will or won't perform to a certain statistical level.

Remember, always play with your head, not above it: the Super Bowl is meant to be a fun day, so don't bet your rent money on the game in order to "make it interesting".

Just place a modest bet and enjoy the thrill of winning and reporting to work the next day with a big grin on your face.

Then, sit back and relax: it's only a month before March Madness hits full swing!

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