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NFL Running Back Prop Bets - Running Back Props

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NFL Running Back Prop Bets 2017 - NFL Running Back Betting Props

NFL Running Back Prop Bets  Perhaps no other position in the NFL has evolved more over the course of the last 20 years than the running back spot. Backs used to be asked to carry the workload for their teams over and over again, and 20+ carries in the game used to be the norm. Then in the 2000s and early 2010s, virtually every team went to a running back by committee approach, often incorporating three or four backs into their offense on a regular basis to try to lengthen the careers of these rushers.

But just recently, what we're seeing is a resurgence of importance to running backs. Ezekiel Elliott took the NFL by storm last year and led the league in rushing in his rookie campaign, and he did so as the bell cow of the Dallas offense. Now, he's a legitimate threat to break Eric Dickerson's rushing record if he can continue to grow and is leaned upon as heavily as he was in 2016. Others like Le'Veon Bell are all-purpose backs who can get the job done both as a rusher and as a receiver. Are we at the point that a back can have 1,000+ rushing yards and 1,000+ receiving yards? Bell would be the man to do it.

Will Any Player Break Regular Season Rushing Yards Record?

NFL Odds: Yes +1000 / No -3500

Preview: Eric Dickerson holds the NFL single-season rushing record with 2105 yards during the 1984 season. Dickerson took the Los Angeles Rams to the playoffs thanks to that great individual effort, but it’s a little surprising to see the record still standing after all these years. In this era where offensive records are falling left and right, this is one of the oldest records around. Over the past 20 years, five players have topped the 2000-yard mark, but none have been able to top Dickerson yet. Continue...

Will Any Player Break Regular Season All-Purpose Yards Record?

NFL Odds: Yes +1200 / No -6000

Preview: Only David Johnson posted at least 2,000 all-purpose yards last season, but there is plenty of reason to believe that someone can break the mark in 2017. In the 2000s, we have seen six players end the season with 2,500 all-purpose yards or more, including the current record holder Darren Sproles. Although most of these players primarily got it done on special teams, the very best ones contributed from scrimmage as well. Continue...

Ezekiel Elliott Total Rushing Yards

NFL Odds: Over 1,550.5 -130 / Under 1,550.5 +110

Ezekiel Elliott Total Rushing Touchdowns

NFL Odds: Over 13.5 +120 / Under 13.5 -150

Will Ezekiel Elliott Rush for 2,000 Yards?

NFL Odds: Yes +1000 / No -3500

Preview: Last year’s leading rusher has the chance to put up even bigger numbers in 2017. Ezekiel Elliott was a force to be reckoned with all season long. The product out of Ohio State wanted to show that he was worth the No. 4 selection in the NFL Draft and did just that with a fabulous season. Although many criticized taking a running back so high in the draft, Elliott turned out to be worth the investment. Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey have him to thank, in part, for being such high selections in this year’s draft. Continue...

Le'Veon Bell Total Rushing + Receiving Yards

NFL Odds: Over 1,725.5 -160 / Under 1,725.5 +130

Le'Veon Bell Total Rushing + Receiving Touchdowns

NFL Odds: Over 9.5 -150 / Under 9.5 +120

Will Le'Veon Bell Rush for 2,000 Yards?

NFL Odds: Yes +1400 / No -8500

Preview: Le'Veon Bell is clearly one of the best all-around running backs in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't shy to put the ball in No. 26's hands over and over again, whether it be via the passing game or the rushing game. With Bell playing on a franchise tag in 2017, he's got all the incentive in the world to run his heart out to either earn a second straight tag or a big free agent contract from Pittsburgh or another suitor. But will the motivation translate into his first career 2,000-yard season? Continue...

Will LeSean McCoy Rush for 2,000 Yards?

NFL Odds: Yes +1200 / No -6000

Preview: LeSean McCoy looks set to break the 10,000-yard career rushing mark this season and is one of the few runners in the NFL capable of potentially hitting 2,000 yards in a season. McCoy may only have one 1,600-yard season under his belt, but no one doubts that he can lead the league in rushing provided he stays healthy. He’s not a speed demon that will break a lot of long runs, but is remarkably consistent from game to game. Continue...

David Johnson Total Rushing Yards

NFL Odds: Over 1,225 -120 / Under 1,225 -110

David Johnson Total Rushing Touchdowns

NFL Odds: Over 14.5 -115 / Under 14.5 -115

Preview: Many experts think David Johnson hit his ceiling last year while others think the third-year pro can put up even better numbers in 2017. Depending on who you trust will have you leaning one way or the other on these prop bets. It wasn’t the season the Arizona Cardinals were expecting in 2016, but Johnson emerged as one of the best backs in the league with over 1,200 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. Continue...

NFL Player Prop Bets - 2017 NFL Football Betting Props

The 2017 NFL regular season is one of high anticipation. Thirty-one teams are going to be trying to chase down the New England Patriots with the goal of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Minneapols. But before teams worry about the postseason, there's a 16-game regular season to contend with. Props are aplenty for sure for the season ahead that should whet the appetites of NFL bettors throughout the offseason. Continue

What is a NFL Player Prop Bet?

NFL Player Prop bets are gaining popularity amongst sports bettors with the huge betting selections available on NFL player prop bets offering a great chance to get an edge.

Each year we see online sports books offering more and more options for NFL player props.

Betting on NFL player props is a fun and exciting way to bet on your favorite football players, that is not directly related to the outcome of the game, and limits a lot of variables during a game.

Most often, NFL Player Prop bets relate to individual performances for players on a week to week basis throughout the NFL season.

For example, betting on the number of touchdown passes for a quarterback, or the number of rushing yards for a running back.

NFL Player Prop bets such as these, a number is installed, and you wager on the over or under total. But outside of weekly performances, NFL Player Props can include a wide range of things, like off the field subjects like trades and free agency as one example.

Betting Football Props may appear to be kind of corny at first glance, but some sharp handicappers make a living doing believe it or not. They do so by utilizing good-solid handicapping and statistical analysis. There are of course some hocus-pokus bets to avoid though too. Continue

SuperBowl Player Props - U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota

NFL SuperBowl Prop BetsThe NFL's Super Bowl will take place on February 4, 2018 at state-of-the-art U.S. Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, home to the Vikings.

For a few hours on this special day, football fans from all over the world will be watching the biggest sporting event of the year. "Super Bowl".

What may be even more interesting is the attention that the point spread receives during the two week interim between the conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. Continue

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Apple App Store Sports AppSports bettors have never had it so good thanks to the latest range mobile sports software that are designed to keep you abreast of all the sports betting action.

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