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NFL Quarter Betting Line - Football First Quarter Odds

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NFL First Quarter Lines - NFL Second Quarter Football Betting Tips

Bet NFL Football Quarter LinesNFL Quarter Lines offer Sports Betting fans a great way to bet on an NFL game. Quarter bets are another type of football wagering. This allows you to bet on only what happens in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of a game.

Instead of having to decide on what the outcome of the entire game will be, you can choose a specific quarter on which you will place your bet.

Many people like to bet on the 1st quarter line as they have plenty of time to research the bet before the game kicks off. This allows bettors ample time to decide what will happen in the game's first quarter. These bets do not factor in what happens in the other three quarters.

A Good NFL Quarter bet is to look for, is a team that gets out of the box quick. Often times the bookie already knows this and it's factored into the line however there can be some great value found in small college football and basketball games.

Bet on NFL Football Quarters

With NFL Quarter Betting Lines, you are able to bet on a NFL team to cover the 1st quarter, and then you can bet against them in the 4th quarter. Only betting on quarters gives you this ability to bet on one team early in the game, and then bet against them later in the game.

Betting on NFL Quarter Lines is a fun way to get in on the football betting action. Instead of having to wait for the entire game to end before winning or losing your football bet, you only have to wait for one quarter to finish. This gives you the opportunity to place multiple bets on the same football game.

The NFL Quarter Lines wager is determined by a Pointspread, a Moneyline, a Game Total, a Runline or Puckline. The team or event wagered on must win the game or event either outright or by covering the spread. The payout is determined by the NFL Quarter Lines posted. Quarter betting rules are as follows:

*Quarter bets are calculated the same as straight bets unless otherwise indicated.

*Game must go the full quarter for quarter bet to have action.

*Overtime is not included as part of the fourth quarter.

*Parlays, Teasers and buying of points are not available on quarter bets.

If you do as much football betting as we do, then you know how valuable that extra half point or even point can be against the spread when it comes to picking winners. It is always best to shop around when looking for the best NFL Football Quarter Odds.

Many different bookmakers release different numbers and NFL Football Odds always tend to differ at each sportsbook. If you are truly interested in finding the best NFL Odds, Try Bookmaker sportsbook

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Basic Quarter Wagers Online

Quarter lines will typically be released on the day of the game.

Bets typically close at kickoff.

Bets may be combined into a parlay with other games, but a quarter wager may not be added to a parlay with the same game (more on parlay bets in the next article of this series).

Overtime scoring is excluded from Fourth Quarter bets.

Still need more reasons to bet Football Online?

If you are new to betting on the NFL, we offer a number of simple guides to get you started. In a matter of minutes you will be able to read point spreads, money lines and future bets.

All the information on NFL odds, is required to help you to make a smart sports bet and all other sports betting odds coming out of Vegas.

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