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Vegas NFL Lines 2018 - Compare Sportsbook Odds

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NFL Football Betting Odds Insight

Bet NFL Sports Picks OnlineThe NFL as we know it today was born of two separate organizations, the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFL (National Football League) in 1922.

The two different leagues used to compete against each other for business. Eventually they merged to become the NFL.

At this point there are two conferences that compose the NFL, the AFC and the NFC.

One of the most-watched events in the world is when the best team from each league is pitted against the other in a what is known as the NFL Super Bowl.

Since the first Super Bowl and the massive amount of sports bettors that it attracted, sports betting was an obvious route to generating cash in unison with football games.

Bet NFL Football Online

NFL Football betting is a very simple process. You could be making extra cash from NFL football very quickly. You know that you are already going to watch these thrilling games so why not make it a little more interesting. Start NFL football betting today and join the NFL football excitement at

An NFL football game played without a betting line is called a 'pick'. When a Football line is listed with a 'pk' next to the teams playing, it is an indication that no team is favored in that game. It also means that there is no point spread. With such betting, the actual final score determines the winners and losers of game and the football bet.

Betting on NFL or any other games for that matter really is no different than betting the coin toss. Your chances will always be 50/50. The key is having an edge and understanding the meaning behind an NFL betting line helps provide a much needed edge.

NFL Football betting is best when a sports bettor can manipulate sports betting odds in such a way to gain better value in their football bets.

There are several ways to make this possible, the most common of all being the straight bet were the odds are close to being even, Bookmaker football odds are given at $110 to win $100.

This is called Juice or Vigorish is the service fee that a sports book charges for accepting and processing NFL football bets.

The standard fee for betting NFL games online is 10% of the value of your sports bet. Usually this fee is taken from the losing sports bets.

Buying half points in Football

The half point may not seem like a lot but many decisions often rely on it especially when certain lines are presented. Half points in some ways can be comparable to measurements of earthquakes on the Richter Scale, a 6.2 can cause considerably more damage than a 6.1. The break-even point for buying a half point for ten cents with football betting is a five percent chance of occurring. Professional sports bettors often look at buying points and aportsbooks will also allow Clients to buy a half point to convert a minus 7 line into a minus 6 1/2 line.

The most important single numbers when reviewing NFL betting lines are "3" and "7". These are important since the vast majority of games win by either a field goal or a touchdown. The numbers "1", "4", "6", "10", "13" and "14" also occur with some degree of frequency, though are not nearly as common as "3" and "7".

It is not unusual to find some weeks when 3 points decide close to half the games. Of course, teasers aside, this bit of information doesn't help much if you don't know which side the game is going to fall.

Here are some numbers for the National Football League where the five percent or better applies, therefore sports bettors should try sticking to these specific numbers when buying points during the football betting season.

-3 occurs in football games is a whopping 10 percent of the time based on our extensive data. This is a key number as any bookmaker will tell you.

-7 occurs 6 percent of the time.

-14 and -17 should also be considered. The frequency for both is also 6 percent.

NFL Football Money Lines

When a football line is expressed in money terms, it is called the Money line. It lists how much money your NFL football bets will return and is used to balance the action when the point spread is not used. Money lines are expressed with a negative or a positive number.

A negative betting line means that you have to bet that amount to win $100.

A positive betting line means that you will win that amount when you bet $100. More NFL Football Money Lines

NFL Football Predictions

Weekly NFL football picks and opinions presented on this site. Gamblers Palace offers NFL picks based on fundamental team strengths and schedule match-ups.

We are NFL football enthusiasts, using basic unit-on-unit analysis to make logical weekly A+ football picks against Vegas odds. We are NOT football picks resellers or "consensus" betting players. We recommend a sound football betting strategies.

NFL Sports Betting Picks – Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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Still need more reasons to bet Football Online?

It's important to understand Las Vegas football odds in order to take full advantage of the betting lines and NFL betting options offered by our top sportsbooks, such as "" When you're ready to place a bet, you'll first need to register for a free account at BookMaker Sportsbook.

Please note that all membership is FREE to everyone, provided you are at least 18 years old. This information is provided for general guidance only.

NFL Football Sports Betting Bonus

It is always best to shop around when looking for the best NFL Odds. Many different bookmakers release different numbers and NFL football odds always tend to differ at each sportsbook.

If you are truly interested in finding the best NFL odds, Try Bookmaker sportsbook

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Football Betting Online

Football betting online makes most football enthusiast Sunday mornings, because football betting is easier than ever, you can bet on football from the comfort of your own home with one click of the mouse! As well football betting online offers gamblers more options than your local book or even a las vegas sportsbook can offer. You'll often times find more football proposition betting, increased parlay odds, big teaser odds, unique wager types such as pleasers or action points, and of course bonuses which your local or your Vegas sportsbook doesn't offer. It pays to do your football betting online! Learn more about betting football online.

Bet College Football Online

One of the busiest and most exciting times of the year in sports is just around the corner, the start of the NCAA Football season, and with increased exposure on television and via the internet, online NCAA football betting is at an all-time high. College football is a huge sporting event in the United States and although it doesn't reach into many global markets there are still millions of fans who watch college football games every week of the season. Everyone feels the pull of standing up for their team and In the end, they are confident their college team will pull through for them. Continue

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