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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Odds / Predictions

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NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship Odds & Game Predictions

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship PredictionsWhen: May 25 - 27 , 2019

Where: Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, PA

Television: ESPN2

Defending Div I Champions: Maryland Terrapins

Drexel University will serve as host to the 2019 Men's Lacrosse Championships at Lincoln Financial Field for the fourth time on Saturday, May 25th 2019.

Each year, the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship determines the top lacrosse team in the NCAA's Division I, Division II, and Division III.

The top 16 teams from all corners of the United States are selected to compete in the NCAA Division I lacrosse championship tournament, with the number one seed in the tournament given the easiest road to the finals.

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship 2019

There is no pain in sports quite like getting all the way to the championship game and watching another team celebrate the title in front of you. The Maryland Terrapins' men's lacrosse team knows what that's like more than just about any other team on the planet at any level at this point. The Terps have been beaten in two straight National Championship Games, and they were favored to win both of them.

This year, they're back and favored for a third straight year to take it all, this time against the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Bucks have reached the natty for the firs time in their history, and they're hoping they can find a way to overcome some struggles on the offensive side of the ball against one of the best offensive teams in the land.

Maryland wasn't at its best while beating Denver on Saturday in the national semis. The Terps though, finished off the Pioneers by a goal, holding a team that had scored 33 goals in its last two games to just eight goals.

Ohio State went up against a very strong defensive team in Towson in the other Final Four matchup. The Buckeyes scored 11 goals, leading the way amongst the four teams in Foxboro, and they just managed to do enough in an 11-10 victory.

Now, Maryland is set at -180 to finish off what almost feels like a bit of destiny.

NCAA Lacrosse Championship - Monday, May 27, 2019

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NCAA Lacrosse History

From 1936 through 1970 the Division I NCAA lacrosse national champion was awarded the title based on their regular season record. As more and more schools began competing in the sport it became obvious that this was no longer a fair way to determine the champion so in 1971, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) held its first national tournament. The Wingate Memorial Trophy was presented to the first two NCAA champions and was then retired.

The NCAA has since been holding the annual Men’s Lacrosse Championships.

There has been a total of Forty-one teams that have competed in the NCAA lacrosse championship but only nine of them have ever won the national championship: Syracuse, Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Duke, North Carolina, Princeton, Cornell, and Loyola.

Syracuse leads the way with the most national championships with nine titles.

Future NCAA Lacrosse Championship Locations 2019-2022

Year Quarterfinal Site #1 Venue Quarterfinal Site #2 Venue Championship Site Venue
2019 Hempstead James M. Shuart Stadium East Hartford Rentschler Field Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field
2020 Hempstead James M. Shuart Stadium Providence Brown Stadium Philadelphia Lincoln Financial Field
2021 Hempstead James M. Shuart Stadium Notre Dame Notre Dame Stadium East Hartford Rentschler Field
2022 Hempstead James M. Shuart Stadium Columbus Ohio Stadium East Hartford Rentschler Field

Major Lacrosse Sports Betting Events

It may not be quite as main stream as March Madness, but for lacrosse fans the NCAA Mens Lacrosse tournament will be just as important and exciting. The 16-team field is set and the first round action begins this weekend with all games televised on various ESPN stations.

Bet on incredible displays of speed and agility, dazzling shots, and tremendous saves set the stadium on fire for the following four quarters of NCAA men's lacrosse championship game, as one team will be raising the championship trophy.

There are plenty of sportsbooks accepting Lacrosse bets. However, it is best to stick with the top ones in the industry and be on the look out for free new player bonuses, that our top online sportsbooks offer first time bettors.

NCAA Lacrosse Bookmaker Betting Bonus

World Championships: This event is played to determine the top team in the world. It was originally only a four-team tournament. It has since grown a great deal. Today, it is sanctioned by the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL).

Major League Lacrosse: Major League Lacrosse (MLL) fielded its first games in 2001. The league includes six teams. Five of those are American teams with the final one being from Canada.

NCAA Lacrosse Games: There are 61 Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse teams and 88 women, not to mention the numerous non-major programs. This gives bettors many chances to wager.

World Indoor Lacrosse Championship: Sponsored by the Federation of International Lacrosse. This tournament features only 8 teams.

National Lacrosse League: This is a Canadian indoor league which features 11 teams.

European Lacrosse Championship: Sponsored by the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF), this championship ship fields both a men’s and women’s tournament.

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