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NBA Playoff Betting Odds - NBA Series Basketball Predictions

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NBA Playoff Odds - NBA Conference Series Betting Predictions

NBA Bracket Challenge Cash Prize

America’s top basketball artists will endure the gauntlet of the NBA’s postseason tournament as the playoffs get underway, and they are solely focused on raising the most cherished hardware in basketball - the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The road to the NBA playoffs have been a challenging stretch of seven months and 82 games. And now, teams will take the court for this year’s 2019 NBA Playoffs, which begins Saturday, April 13 and runs through a potential Game 7 of the NBA Finals on June at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sixteen of the 30 teams in the Association make the playoffs, eight from the Eastern Conference and eight from the Western Conferences. This produces eight first-round series that will be played beginning April 13, three days following the end of the 2018-19 NBA regular season.

The winners of the first round advance to the Conference Semifinals, and the winners of that round move on to the NBA Conference Finals.

The 2019 NBA Finals will start in June, and if the series reaches the full seven games, ABC will exclusively broadcast the NBA Finals in June. TNT will televise the Western Conference Finals while ESPN has rights to the Eastern Conference Finals.

NBA Western/Eastern Series Odds / NBA Playoffs

The NBA regular season is starting to weed out the contenders from the pretenders and teams will play with a sense of urgency in every game to make it into the NBA playoffs. With the NBA playoffs starting in May and run for 2 exciting months, every basketball fan out there is ready to see these match-ups.

The NBA playoffs throw sixteen of the best teams in the NBA in a tournement style playoff and gives them a chance to fight their way to the finals. Every team is playing their best, thinking that they can make the playoffs, but do truly deserve to play for that NBA title?

Check back daily for updated against the spread basketball trends on all professional basketball teams throughout the NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs 2019 - NBA Playoff Predictions

Which team’s players in the coming season will be wearing NBA championship rings? Tune in to the action to find out and follow along here at Gamblers Palace for all the NBA Finals analysis and information.

The 2019 NBA Playoffs figure to be without all that much in the way of drama. There is a clear definition between the teams that have a shot of winning it all and the teams that don't, and the fact of the matter is that the second round matchups might not be all that much more competitive than most of the first rounders. That said, you never know when an upset is brewing around the corner that can change the landscape of the entire rest of the postseason, and there will be some big, big prices to be had on some of the underdogs throughout the seven weeks.

Here at Gamblers Palace , we will provide a breakdown of the factors at play in each conference, complete with projections for each team's record, postseason probabilities and championship odds.

NBA Playoffs Predictions - Click Here )

Bet on NBA Playoffs

Once the NBA's regular season is completed, a brand new basketball season begins with the NBA playoffs. Players can heat up, dropping 30 in a quarter and single-highhandedly change the course of an entire series while the highly anticipated match-ups can prove to be one-sided.

The excitement of the NBA playoffs always create some interesting NBA Playoff odds and NBA betting online brings the excitement of a Las Vegas sportsbook right into the security of your own home.

NBA Playoff Betting Strategy

Flexibility and good information are important to betting success all season!

The balance of power in the NBA can shift from Conference to Conference in any given year, but unlike the NHL, seeding is very important. Eighth-ranked seeds rarely advance and favorites can often waltz to the Conference Finals, given the right match-ups. Some Playoff teams even sport a losing regular season record. For this reason, smart bettors know to look for the right spreads, not the right match-ups.

When betting on the NBA playoffs, one of the best trends we follow is scheduling factors. This certainly can help sports bettors who like to play games under the total.

Another rarely discussed basketball betting factor that also helps unders, is free throws. That is, during the playoffs teams can battle so hard defensively that it tires them down and almost eliminates freebies from the charity stripe. Teams are more tired in the fourth quarter during the playoffs than the regular season because the games mean so much more. As the playoffs go along, the competition becomes more evenly matched, which can add to tired legs influencing free throw shooting.

NBA Playoffs Betting Lines

NBA playoff betting is a very simple process. You could be making extra cash from basketball, very quickly.

NBA playoff lines are a lot easier to read than people may think. You can place money on favorites or underdogs, over and under, or even the basketball money line.

One team will be the favorite and have a line or a spread that they have to cover for you to win.

The other team will be the underdog who will have a certain amount of points that they can lose by and you still win cash. The choice is yours.

Bet on NBA Playoffs futures and basketball proposition bets, too.

Sometimes the NBA Playoffs can seem so straightforward and you already have a good idea who wins it all. If you’re confident, try making NBA Proposition bets before the playoffs begin. You can place bets on a variety of “NBA Futures” like who the conference champions will be and the NBA Series Outcomes from picking the series winner on how many games it will go or how many games the series winner will win by.

Another interesting wager is taking NBA Championship Odds which is updated throughout the regular season and playoffs. A 'Future' bet is possibly one of the most profitable bets if you have considerable knowledge of the sport that you are betting on including the players, and a good sense of judgement. It is found in the NBA Futures and you can even pick who you think will win next year in the off season, as soon as the latest champion is crowned.

Play it whenever you can. With time you should improve your assessment ability and judgement.

NBA Championship Sports Betting Odds

Basketball Sign Up Bonus

Bet on your favorite teams from the start of the season, into the NBA Playoffs and into the Finals. With odds to win on the Eastern and Western Conference.

you can sit in you favorite chair at home and take in all the NBA Playoff action on the basketball courts as you bet with and win big during the NBA Finals.

Compare the odds from other online bookmakers and you will see the best basketball odds for your NBA and NCAA Betting are at

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NBA Playoffs Format 2019

For many years the NBA Playoffs utilized a 2-3-2 format, but a few seasons ago the format was thankfully restored to the 2-2-1-1-1. Not just the Finals, but the first three rounds of the playoffs follow the 2-2-1-1-1 format.

Previously, the team with the home court advantage would get the first two and potentially, the last two games played at home, while playing at the opposing teams home court for Game 3, 4 and 5.

Now, the team with home-court advantage still gets the first two games of the Finals at home, the next two away, and then the teams alternate cities for the last three games, if played.

Another change is that if the Finals goes seven games, there will be an extra day between Game 6 and Game 7.

( NBA Playoff Television Game Schedules )

NBA In Game Playoff Sports Betting

Knowing where to bet on the NBA Playoff Lines can be just as crucial to your success as knowing how to bet.

The NBA Playoffs often go beyond having a “standard” starting five and our top offshore sportsbooks have post NBA Series odds for the first round games in both the Western and Eastern Conferences.

Just pick your team and place your bets. Once you put your NBA Playoff bet down, sit back and watch the NBA Playoff games on the television, without leaving your living room.

With most sportsbooks offering Live NBA Betting on each Playoff game, quarters and halves wagers increase in importance.

Printable NBA Playoff Brackets

Looking for Free NBA playoffs brackets then you came to the right place. The NBA will release the NBA Playoff Brackets Wendsdy after the final games of the season are concluded.

NBA Playoff Bracket Free

NBA Finals Recap 2014: San Antonio Spurs take home 5th Championship

The Spurs blast the Heat in Game 5 to win their fifth NBA championship.

Miami came out strong early in their elimination game, taking a double-digit first-quarter lead. But the Spurs rallied in the second quarter and controlled the second half on the way to a 104-87 win and their fifth NBA title.

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