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NBA Quarter Lines - Basketball First Quarter Betting

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Bet On NBA Quarter lines - Basketball First Quarter Odds

NBA Quarter Sportsbook LinesWhen it comes to betting the NBA, a lot of basketball bettors limit themselves to only thinking about which team will cover the spread on the whole basketball game, or whether the whole game will go over or under the total.

However, by limiting yourself to just the NBA odds on the games you are almost certainly missing out on profitable betting opportunities and you should really be looking at betting NBA quarters and NBA basketball halves.

NBA Quarter lines are becoming more and more popular each year and for those that love fast paced betting and quick results, NBA quarter betting lines are the perfect solution. With basketball quarter lines, you can literally bet on every quarter within a NBA game.

NBA Sportsbook Quarter Betting Online

Basketball quarter odds offers sports bettors, a way to place a number of bets during an NBA game, as they are formed throughout the course of basketball matchups.

This allows you to bet on whatever happens ONLY in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of a game. Each NBA game consists of 48-minutes, that is broken down into 12 minute quarters and bettors are able to place bets on the 1st quarter and 1st half lines before these contests begin.

Oddsmakers prepare in advance with numbers and statistics they trust to set accurate Quarter Betting Lines for NBA Games. These are often very close to 25% of the total game line, but they are slightly different based upon a team's track record of getting out to good or poor starts.

These lines will shift during the game based on how the game is currently going. This is often referred to as live basketball betting, because the odds for other quarters, not including the first, are only available during the short intermission between the quarters.

Bookmaker first half basketball betting bonus

NCAA Basketball and NBA basketball gambling on both pro and college basketball is safe and simple at Bookmaker Sportsbook!

Whether you're betting on a NBA or NCAA game, basketball betting has never been easier.

Bet on basketball with a parlay, teaser, or straight bet. NBA basketball betting or college basketball gambling with either a point spread or with a money line, it is up to you!

Online basketball betting is one of the many sports betting and sports gambling options at

Bookmaker Sportsbook provides you with live and up to date basketball betting odds!

Basketball Quarter Betting Tips

Like other sports, some teams are known to jump out of the gate quickly and build an early lead, while others are “4th quarter teams” who like to play from behind.

Also, basketball is about finding a rhythm. Being selective, knowing each team's strength and weakness and following the box scores is crucial.

These situations are some of the inspirations for 1st quarter basketball betting and NBA half lines.

Over Under Betting for College Basketball

Over Under betting ( sometimes referred to as Game Total betting ) involves betting on the number of points both teams score in a game combined.

The oddsmakers will set a game total or over under number, and bettors can either choose for the total number of points scored by both teams to go over or under the set number.

An example would be if the number was set at 156.5, bettors could bet on there being 157 or more points (the over), or 156 or fewer points (the under) Over Under Betting

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