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MLB Spring Training Baseball Odds

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Cactus League Baseball Odds 2018 - MLB Grapefruit League Baseball lines

MLB Preseason Betting LinesGet ready to enjoy the Major League Baseball Spring Training games that begin in early March and continue until early April.

The spring is nearly here at last and now here we are staring down the barrel of another exciting MLB season. MLB baseball schedules

What will all of this mean to you when it comes time for some good old-fashioned baseball betting?

Baseball preseason betting goes for just about a month since the regular season doesn’t begin until April and Spring training is in high gear.

Players fighting to make major league clubs are lobbying to get their numbers called.

A couple of big time rookies have turned heads with great performances. Pitchers busy fine tuning mechanics in limited action.

Hitter's in pursuit of "the zone". Injuries and nagging tweaks caught managers eyes too as they now must adjust accordingly. It's all part of pre-season baseball.

Spring Training Baseball Betting Online

MLB pre-season betting can be one of the most challenging types of baseball betting that gamblers undertake.

Preseason baseball betting involves a lot of minor league players, a lot of runs and some unpredictable scores.

Baseball pre-season betting is so complex because teams are primarily focused on preparing themselves for the regular season, rather than earning victories, which means that baseball pre-season betting is particularly hard to predict.

When you are looking to make a baseball preseason bet there are some things to keep in mind. First, there are no totals. Second, the prices you see will be very generic with most games in the range of -120 to -140.

Later in the preseason you will start to see higher lines but early on the home team usually a slight favorite. The exceptions to that rule will be with power teams like the Yankees and Red Sox who will probably be laying -150 or so at home and maybe -120 on the road.

Nevertheless, baseball pre-season betting does offer potentially valuable match ups for the astute baseball betting enthusiast and baseball pre-season betting also provides gamblers with lots of important baseball betting knowledge.

Pre-season Baseball betting should not be left completely up to chance. Nor should you completely take our word for it.

Examine the facts for yourself. Weigh the previous year's performance against the off-season trades, up-and-comers, and behind the scenes shenanigans, and make MLB picks that you can depend on with the utmost confidence for the coming MLB season.

Take a look this year at the exhibition baseball betting lines. Don’t automatically say that you are not going to get involved in baseball preseason betting. Take the time to do the research and find out about each game. If you do that you will have an excellent chance to win money in baseball preseason betting.

Bet Spring Training Baseball Odds

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The top four ways of betting Pre Season Baseball

Action: you do not care if the listed pitchers start the game.

Listing both pitchers: you want action only if both pitchers start the game.

Listing your pitcher: you want action only if your pitcher starts the game.

Listing the opponents' pitcher: you want action only if the other teams' pitcher starts.

Bet on baseball overnight lines, money lines and MLB over/under

Pre Season Baseball Line example:
Mil, Brewers C. Capuano +140 over  9.5 -110
Hou, Astros R. Clemens -150 under 9.5 -110

When wagering on the Astros (favorite), you will be staking $150 to win $100. When wagering on the Brewers (underdog), you will be laying $100 to win $140.

If there is a pitching changes prior to the start of the game. All "listed pitchers" wagers will be cancelled and the money refunded. All "action goes" wagers will be adjusted to the odds of the new pitcher.

Wagering Totals (over/under)

If you wager on the Brewers/Astros game to go over the predicted total, the amount of the runs on the game must be equal or more than 10 in order to win the wager.

If you wager on the Brewers/Astros game to go Under the predicted total, the amount of runs on the game must not exceed 9 in order to win the wager.

The game must go to 9 complete innings. In the event of a pitcher change or an incomplete game all "total" wagers and Run Lines are no action. Parlays will revert to the next level (3 team parlay becomes a 2 team parlay and a two team parlay will become a straight wager).

Note: Run lines and Totals are always "listed pitchers".

Pre Season Baseball Basics: Stats 101

Batting Average (AVG): Divide the number of base hits by the total number of at bats.

Earned Run Average (ERA): Multiply the total number of earned runs by nine, and divide the results by the total innings pitched.

W-L percentage: Divide the number of games won by the total number of decisions.

Slugging Percentage (SLG): Divide the total number of bases of all base hits by the total number of times at bat.

On-Base Percentage (OBP): Divide the total number of hits plus Bases on Balls plus hits by Pitch BY at Bats plus Bases on Balls plus hit by Pitch plus Sacrifice Flies.

Fielding Average: Divide the total number of outs and assists by the total number of outs, assists and errors. More...

10 Cent Baseball Betting Lines

Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't matter where you bet baseball. Baseball betting lines are not created equal.

Smart baseball bettors will only play a "Dime Line" or a 10-cent line which offers the player the most value for their baseball gambling dollar. More..

Baseball Prop Bets Explained

Proposition bets are commonly referred to as prop bets. A prop bet is a very specific wager which involves placing a bet on a particular occurrence, such as the New York Yankees getting a home run in the second inning or a hitter getting three strikes in the third inning.

Prop bets are available in most professional sports but are especially popular and available in baseball as there is almost no limit on the amount of these baseball bet types for the national past time of America. More..

Grand Salami Baseball Betting

Baseball is most definitely the national pastime. Especially come October, the nation watch teams in the MLB Baseball playoffs and at the end of it all, two teams will battle it out to become this years new crowned World Series champions. More..

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