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Major League Baseball Power Rankings - MLB Betting

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Major League Baseball Power Rankings - 2018 MLB Betting Preview

Major League Baseball Power Rankings 30 teams, six divisions, 162 games to see which teams are most likely to advance to the post-season, shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The actual standings in MLB and the standings according to the odds makers are quite different. That’s why our power rankings, based on the MLB futures, present a different look than what we see in the standings.

What is an MLB Baseball Power Ranking?

Rankings, or power rankings, can be directly provided (e.g., by asking people to rank teams), or can be derived by sorting each team’s ratings and assigning an ordinal rank to each team, so that the highest rated team earns the #1 rank.

MLB power rankings help complete the picture and make it more realistic. Do Boston's strengths play into Baltimore's weaknesses? Are the standings masking an issue that you can exploit as a baseball bettor?

Arguing about Power Rankings is half the fun of it, but I think we can all agree the dominant teams are still dominating and the basement teams still struggled. As teams remain in the hunt for this years World Series Title.

Check out the MLB Power Rankings here at each week to see how teams climb the ratings ladder, then fall down it. Compare it against the live baseball odds.

MLB Power Rankings

The regular season is behind us, but the postseason lays ahead, meaning there’s still some exciting baseball to be played. Keep shopping the top-rated sportsbooks for the best odds throughout October as this postseason will be a wild ride.

The playoffs will kick off with a bang with the AL and NL Wild Card games on back-to-back nights. There’s nothing like the thrill of a couple elimination games to get you into the spirit of the postseason. While those two games have plenty of pressure given the one-and-done nature of them, there are two clear favorites for those games. The series—as of now—appear much more balanced.

In the divisional round, we have some great matchups on tap. Of course, with only the best teams remaining, that’s to be expected, but the Chicago Cubs versus Washington Nationals series is especially intriguing. Both teams are dealing with healthy questions around their aces including uncertainty around Max Scherzer and Jake Arrieta. Both could be pushed back to Game 3. While it seems minor, being pushed back a couple games could be the difference between one or two starts in the series. That’s huge.

On the AL side, we’ll see the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox square off in the division series after a four-game series to end the year. These two teams should be intimately familiar with each other by this point. Without uncertainty, there’s even less room for error.

The fun thing about the postseason is that it features the best of the best. Every minor injury, slumping star or little weakness is exploited, making a major impact on who goes home and who survives, pushing to the next series. For those looking to play on these prime matchups, anything can happen in the postseason, but trends and stats certainly help us know what to expect. As for the regular season, the NL West was certainly profitable for bettors while many of the teams that surprised, unsurprisingly, top the list in terms of earnings.

1: Arizona Diamondbacks (93-69, 16.56 Units) – The Diamondbacks have been okay on the road, but have dominated at home. This is a team that surprised a lot of people early and was a huge boon for bettors throughout April. Unlike expectations, however, they just kept winning. Sure, there was a little midseason hiccup, but the D-Backs ended the year strong. They also had a nice winning streak that would’ve been the longest of the year if not for the epic run of the Cleveland Indians. Eighth in baseball in runs scored and third in ERA, Arizona boasts an impressive +152 run differential that indicates the D-Backs’ win/loss record may actually be worse than it should be given the squad’s Pythagorean record. After a few years of solid offense and little pitching, the Diamondbacks’ rotation turned the corner. All five primary starters ended with an ERA+ of at least 119, most significantly better than that. The pen has also been surprisingly strong behind Archie Bradley. Few thought Fernando Rodney had enough in the tank to be an effective closer. His ERA is elevated, but he’s gotten the job done.

2: Milwaukee Brewers (86-76, 18.01 Units) – The Brewers were more profitable to bettors in 2017 than all but one team, but they still didn’t make the postseason. The next most profitable team to miss out on the playoffs is the San Diego Padres, ranked No. 10. Just a game over-.500 in the second half, the Brew Crew was unable to sustain its first half success, but it still didn’t fall off a cliff like many thought. The odds makers were bullish on the preseason thought that the Brewers were going to be a bad, rebuilding team and savvy bettors who recognized the improvements in the pitching staff and powerful—if inconsistent—offense early took full advantage. Some big wins over the Cubs early in the year really helped bump up the total winnings for the team. As it turns out, Eric Thames was a solid investment. He made a huge splash in April, but ended up a productive first baseman. Travis Shaw, however, was the bigger offseason addition for the lineup. In the rotation, it was more about arms like Zach Davies, Jimmy Nelson and Chase Anderson all taking strides forward while getting relief help from the likes of Corey Knebel who is suddenly one of the game’s better closers.

3: Colorado Rockies (87-75, 12.44 Units) – A lights starting rotation wasn’t enough to keep the Rockies out of the second Wild Card spot nor was it enough to cost bettors over the course of the year. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The youthful rotation looked mismatched often against the opposing starting pitching. Somewhat a result of pitching at Coors, the ERAs and WHIPs compared to their counterparts didn’t paint them in a positive light. Nevertheless, looking at the ERA+ numbers for the rotation—which takes ballpark into account—shows this is an above average staff, supported by a good offense that knows how to hit at Coors. The Rockies are one team with the biggest home field advantage if they know how to use it. When looking at the roster, it appears this is one year where they used the park as a blessing rather than a curse. This was an easy bandwagon to jump on early, but an easy one to flea early, too. For those bettors that stayed the course, they were rewarded.

4: Houston Astros (101-61, 11.72 Units) – The Astros ran away with the AL East and is one of three teams to win 100 games this season. They’re the only such team to rank in the top-5 in earnings as their midseason slump cast doubts on the team down the stretch, thus improving the odds. Houston took full advantage. The Astros were skidding a bit going into the non-waiver trade deadline in July and came up basically empty. That was a blow to the team’s psyche. They went through the motions in August and lost a ton of money for bettors, but came out strong in September after the team added Justin Verlander to change the narrative. Verlander’s been nearly unhittable in five starts with the Astros. Houston in general has gotten an extra spark, too. The returns of Carlos Correa and George Springer after injuries helped, too. This is a team that’s stacked to the brim on offense and with Verlander, there’s now a nice one-two punch in the rotation alongside Dallas Keuchel.

5: Minnesota Twins (85-77, 11.48 Units) – Surprise teams always earn the most money. The odds cause big wins, at least early in the season until it becomes apparent that the team will exceed expectations. For the Twins, that phenomenon hit twice. Minnesota lost 100 games last year. They were bad. They lost a ton early in the year and never regained form. The Twins got out of the gate hot in 2017 and the odds were slow to catch up as most figured they would regress to the mean by May. As the trade deadline approached, the Twins were still in the hunt and the team went out and acquired Jaime Garcia. Then, the team struggled. Bettors took a bit of a hit and the Twins sold Garcia and closer Brandon Kintzler. That was the beginning of the end, or so most of the league thought. Earning favorable odds once more, the Twins took advantage again and rode a strong August, despite the sale at the deadline, all the way to the AL Wild Card game. 

And the Rest...

6: Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58, 6.98 Units)

7: Cleveland Indians (102-60, 6.95 Units)

8: Washington Nationals (97-65, 5.73 Units)

9: Boston Red Sox (93-69, 4.13 Units)

10: San Diego Padres (71-91, 3.48 Units)

11: Kansas City Royals (80-82, 2.60 Units)

12: Los Angeles Angels (80-82, 1.48 Units)

13: Chicago White Sox (67-95, 1.25 Units)

14: New York Yankees (91-71, -1.00 Units)

15: Texas Rangers (78-84, -1.27 Units)

16: Oakland Athletics (75-87, -2.68 Units)

17: Atlanta Braves (72-90, -4.11 Units)

18: Miami Marlins (77-85, -6.44 Units)

19: Tampa Bay Rays (80-82, -6.50 Units)

20: Pittsburgh Pirates (75-87, -8.30 Units)

21: St. Louis Cardinals (83-79, -8.74 Units)

22: Seattle Mariners (78-84, -11.37 Units)

23: Philadelphia Phillies (66-96, -11.79 Units)

24: Chicago Cubs (92-70, -11.98 Units)

25: Baltimore Orioles (75-87, -12.71 Units)

26: Cincinnati Reds (68-94, -15.92 Units)

27: Toronto Blue Jays (76-86, -17.75 Units)

28: New York Mets (70-92, -30.04 Units)

29: Detroit Tigers (64-98, -31.28 Units)

30: San Francisco Giants (64-98, -37.78 Units)

Live In-Play Baseball Betting Online

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Baseball Basics: Stats 101

Betting on MLB, just like in any other sport, you are trying to find the biggest edge over the sportsbook. This can be determined in many ways, and now we will help you define them.

Batting Average (AVG): Divide the number of base hits by the total number of at bats.

Earned Run Average (ERA): Multiply the total number of earned runs by nine, and divide the results by the total innings pitched.

W-L percentage: Divide the number of games won by the total number of decisions.

Slugging Percentage (SLG): Divide the total number of bases of all base hits by the total number of times at bat.

On-Base Percentage (OBP): Divide the total number of hits plus Bases on Balls plus hits by Pitch BY at Bats plus Bases on Balls plus hit by Pitch plus Sacrifice Flies.

Fielding Average: Divide the total number of outs and assists by the total number of outs, assists and errors. More..

How to choose an MLB Sportsbook

When looking for the best MLB Sportsbook available to you, there are quite a few things to make sure that you factor in. The first thing that’s typically most important to sports bettors is the ease of deposit and withdrawal on and off of each website.

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Baseball Prop Bets Explained

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Prop bets are available in most professional sports but are especially popular and available in baseball as there is almost no limit on the amount of these baseball bet types for the national past time of America. More..

10 Cent Baseball Betting Lines

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Grand Salami Baseball Betting Online

MLB-Grand-Salami-betsBaseball is most definitely the national pastime. Especially come October, the nation watch teams in the MLB Baseball playoffs and at the end of it all, two teams will battle it out to become this years new crowned World Series champions.

Grand Salami: A grand salami is betting the over/under for total runs scored by all MLB teams in a day. If any one game goes unplayed, the wager is no action.

If a game goes to extra innings, those innings are included in this bet. If you think there will be more runs scored then the posted number you bet over, and if you think there will be less runs scored then you bet the under. Continue

MLB Game Schedules 2018 - Baseball Betting Schedule

View this years MLB game match-ups with the complete seasonal schedule for all MLB teams. Each year we will be updating the season schedule with the current information including final scores, so bookmark this page.

The 2018 Major League Baseball season is tentatively set to begin on April 1, 2018, and the 89th MLB All-Star Game will be hosted by the Miami Marlins and will be played at Marlins Park on July 10, 2018. It will be televised nationally on Fox.

Major League Baseball Schedules By Month

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