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Ricky Hatton vs Floyd Mayweather Betting Odds

Mayweather Vs. Hatton Boxing Odds

Mayweather Vs. HattonMayweather Vs. Hatton will fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 8, 2007. The best pound-for-pound Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., who said he was retiring following his May 5 decision victory against Oscar De La Hoya, will come out of a very brief retirement to face junior welterweight champion Ricky Hatton. Widely recognized as pound-for-pound the world's best fighter, Floyd Mayweather boasts a perfect, undefeated record throughout his 11-year professional boxing career.

And now, he's ready to take on his toughest opponent yet — Manchester's hard-hitting Ricky Hatton.

Floyd Mayweather Jr has been one of the most prolific boxers since he started in 1996. Though he continues to provide wins against great fighters like Oscar De La Hoya, he continues to climb the boxing rankings in hopes of being claimed the best Light Welterweight Champion of all time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Nickname: Pretty Boy
Age: 30
Fights: 38
Wins: 38
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
KO's: 24
KO %: 63.2%

Last 3 fights:

8/4/06 vs Zab Judah - Mayweather won by unanimous decision.

4/11/06 vs Carlos Baldomir - Mayweather won by unanimous decision.

5/5/07 vs Oscar de la Hoya - Matweather won by spilt decision.

Ricky The Hitman Hatton is one the of the best Light Welterweight boxers today. Born out of Manchester, Ricky Hatton is being called one the of the best British boxers of all time. His undefeated record stands at 43-0-0 and has been an IBF and IBO Light Welterweight champion.

Ricky Hatton
Nickname: Hitman
Age: 28
Fights: 43
Wins: 43
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
KO's: 31
KO %: 72.1%

Last 3 fights:

13/5/06 vs Luis Collazo - Hatton won by unanimous decision.

20/1/07 vs Juan Urango - Hatton won by unanimous decision.

23/6/07 vs Jose Luis Castillo - Hatton won by knockout.

Don't forget to check out the boxing odds at Gamblers Palace on the "Pretty Boy" and "The Hitman" battle inside the ring this Dec. 8th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather wins the fight

Floyd Mayweather winsFloyd Mayweather Jr. remained unbeaten last night after delivering a TKO in the 10th round of the fight. Everything was going according to plan up until the Round 10, when Mayweather delivered a powerful left hook that dropped Hatton on his back and clam up the thousands of British fans came to watch and support the Manchester fighter. Hatton got up at the count of eight, but Mayweather took advantage of the momentum, got him on the ropes and landed another flurry of punches to the head, sending Ricky Hatton on the floor once again. Referee Joe Cortez stopped the fight an the white towel was thrown from Hatton's corner at 1:35 into the tenth round. Final Mayweather - Hatton fight result - Floyd Mayweather by TKO in the 10th round.

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