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NCAA Elite Eight Basketball Odds & Predictions

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March Madness Elite Eight Odds - 2018 NCAA Elite Eight Basketball Predictions

Bet elite eight march madness PredictionsWhen: March 22 - 25, 2018

The Elite 8 has been settled, and the NCAA Tournament field will be narrowed down to just four teams by the end of the weekend. Which team has the best shot at winning it all?

Once the 2018 NCAA Tournament has whittled the Sweet 16 teams in half, will suit up for the regional finals on Saturday, March 24 & Sunday, March 25, that begins West and Midwest regions getting the spotlight and then the South and East regions on the following day, with two days of crazy basketball betting action.

The "Elite Eight" is a term used to refer to the final eight teams in the Division I NCAA basketball tournament and the third-to-last round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournaments.

There's something special about saying you made it to the Final Four. Just getting there is the honor of all honors and is what gives you the ability to cut down nets and hang a banner in your gym for the rest of eternity. Perhaps the sickest feeling in the world is to get so close to the Final Four that you can taste it. But for four of the eight teams who advance to the second weekend of March Madness, that is the fate that will befell them.

NCAA Elite Eight Tournament Sign-Up Bonus

Let the journey to the Final Four start and the March Madness Elite Eight basketball action begin. The Elite Eight games always have some upsets and plenty of jam-packed March Madness betting action as teams continue forward with the Road to the NCAA Final Four games.

Bet on four of the best teams in college hoops playing in win-or-go-home fashion.

March Madness Sportsbook BonusPeople will do anything to partake in the March Madness Betting action, from adding services to their Blackberries and IPhones that allow all-game access to breaking down any company firewalls to get online to smuggling in radios, televisions, and even calling in sick, until April.

From the first round of 64 to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and National Championship game, the wagering barely stops.

Don't miss out on all the NCAA Tournament action that the March Madness Elite Eight brings and make sure to check out all the special March Madness bonuses and promotions.

If you like betting college hoops or NCAA March Madness Tournaments, delivers quality sports betting entertainment. Offering daily College basketball Odds and huge March Madness betting specials.

Be sure to get your March Madness Elite Eight bets down early at Bookmaker sportsbook, because the Season is here!

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Elite 8 betting Tips:

You want to remember when wagering against the Elite 8 betting line that you have games on Saturday and Sunday so you don’t have to risk everything on Saturday’s games.

Show some patience and manage your bankroll and stay alive for not only Elite 8 betting line odds but the Final Four the following week

Elite 8 betting odds will show four games which means you can wager on both sides and totals. This gives you eight chances to make money and that doesn’t include parlays and teasers.

Sound money management is important if you want to win money versus the Elite 8 betting line.

Look at statistics like turnovers, defensive numbers, rebounding, etc. Good teams that win in Elite 8 betting lines avoid turnovers and play solid defense.

In the early rounds there will be teams that can get away with playing below average and still advance. That doesn’t happen much in Elite Eight March Madness odds. When it gets to Elite 8 betting lines the fat has really been cut from the tournament.

The best teams have traditionally advanced in this round to the Final Four. Rarely does the Cinderella team make it into the Final Four. That means you want to really look at power in terms of Elite Eight March Madness odds.

Another factor to keep in mind when betting Elite 8 odds is free throw shooting. The games are likely to be close and you really don’t want to be betting on a team that can’t shoot free throws.

Even if they are the superior team they oftentimes will give a game away because they can’t hit from the charity stripe.

Free March Madness Bracket Contests

Free March Madness Bracket ContestMarch Madness is upon us! We scanned the web for some of the best bracket contests out there, some with huge lottery-style payouts, others with more conservative numbers but with guaranteed prizes that sometimes result in more payouts.

The NCAA basketball Tournaments offer some of the best basketball betting action of the year and for millions of college basketball bettors, it increases the excitement of March Madness betting action even more by getting involved in NCAA March Madness bracket Contest.

The sportsbooks that offer free NCAA bracket contests and will offer some great prizes. So sign up today, as there will be millions of entries for most of these contests,

How does the March Madness Bracket Contest Work?

College basketball fans watch eagerly to see if their teams advance to the next round.

Points are awarded for each correct pick and the person with the most points wins their March Madness bracket prize; a pool of winnings based on the number of people involved and the amount each paid to play.

If you just want to play in the bracket tournaments and don't care about winning money, check out any of these contests and play for fun Continue

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