Italy Serie A Soccer Odds

All Soccer match odds are based on the result at the end of a scheduled 90 minutes play, unless otherwise stated. Bets are settled on the score standing at the end of the scheduled '90 minutes' including any added injury or stoppage time. This scheduled period does not include extra time, time allocated for a penalty shoot out or golden goal. Extra time prices may be introduced at the end of the scheduled period. More MLS Soccer Betting Info


ITALY - SERIE A - Oct 21 

11:45 AM201345Inter Milan+1-119 o3-123 +404
201346SSC Napoli-1-102 u3+101 -158
9:00 AM201349FC Crotone+1-109 o2½-116 +523
201350Sampdoria Genoa-1-111 u2½-104 -178

ITALY - SERIE A - Oct 22 

6:00 AM201321AS Roma-½-102 o3-117 +100
201322FC Torino+½-119 u3-103 +244
6:00 AM201325Bologna FC+¾+104 o2½-101 +460
201326Atalanta Bergamasca-¾-126 u2½-121 -158
9:00 AM201329Juventus Turin-1-123 o2½-111 -200
201330Udinese Calcio+1+101 u2½-109 +579
3:30 AM201333Hellas Verona+½-104 o2¼-126 +336
201334AC Chievo Verona-½-117 u2¼+103 -114
6:00 AM201337ACF Fiorentina-1-103 o2¾-108 -166
201338Benevento Calcio+1-119 u2¾-112 +454
11:45 AM201341Cagliari Calcio+1¾-114 o3¼-109 +886
201342Lazio Roma-1¾-106 u3¼-111 -357
6:00 AM201353Genoa FC+1+104 o2¾-113 +543
201354AC Milan-1-128 u2¾-107 -201
6:00 AM201357US SassuoloPK+104 o2½+103 +187
201358Spal 2013PK-128 u2½-126 +150