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All Soccer match odds are based on the result at the end of a scheduled 90 minutes play, unless otherwise stated. Bets are settled on the score standing at the end of the scheduled '90 minutes' including any added injury or stoppage time. This scheduled period does not include extra time, time allocated for a penalty shoot out or golden goal. Extra time prices may be introduced at the end of the scheduled period. More MLS Soccer Betting Info


ENGLAND - LEAGUE 1 - Jan 20 

8:00 AM200801Wigan Athletic-1-107 o2½+100 -190
200802Plymouth Argyle+1-123 u2½-130 +535
8:00 AM200809Milton Keynes DonsPK-105 o2¼-130 +176
200810Northampton TownPK-125 u2¼+100 +151
8:00 AM200817Gillingham+½+101 o2½-110 +358
200818Scunthorpe United-½-131 u2½-120 -131
8:00 AM200825Doncaster+¼-135 o2+103 +208
200826Shrewsbury Town-¼+105 u2-133 +142
8:00 AM200829Blackburn Rovers-½-107 o2¼+103 -107
200830Fleetwood Town+½-123 u2¼-133 +310
8:00 AM200833Bradford+¼-125 o2½-130 +193
200834Bristol Rovers-¼-105 u2½+100 +132
8:00 AM200837Blackpool+¼-120 o2¼-110 +220
200838AFC Wimbledon-¼-110 u2¼-120 +128
8:00 AM200841Portsmouth+¼-125 o2¼-128 +208
200842Rotherham United-¼-105 u2¼-102 +129
8:00 AM200845Oldham Ath+½-125 o2¾-115 +260
200846Peterborough-½-105 u2¾-115 -105