England Champions League Odds - English Championship

The English Championship league is a popular betting event with Soccer betting fans. The winners of the Football League Championship get to add the Football League Championship trophy to their silverware cabinet. This trophy is the same trophy as the old First Division Champions from back in the days of the Premier League’s inception in the 1992/1993 season.

All Soccer match odds are based on the result at the end of a scheduled 90 minutes play, unless otherwise stated. Bets are settled on the score standing at the end of the scheduled '90 minutes' including any added injury or stoppage time. This scheduled period does not include extra time, time allocated for a penalty shoot out or golden goal. Extra time prices may be introduced at the end of the scheduled period. More MLS Soccer Betting Info



12:45 PM200325Bristol City+½-122 o2¼-124 +290
200326Derby County-½+102 u2¼+104 +100


8:00 AM200289Middlesbrough-¼-109 o2¼-116 +123
200290Queens Park Rangers+¼-111 u2¼-104 +238
8:00 AM200293Brentford FC-¼-115 o2½-125 +115
200294Reading+¼-105 u2½+105 +225
10:30 AM200297CardiffPK-132 o2¼-105 +141
200298Sheffield WednesdayPK+112 u2¼-115 +206
8:00 AM200301Hull CityPK-125 o2¼-109 +155
200302SunderlandPK+105 u2¼-111 +193
8:00 AM200305Nottingham+1¼-115 o2¾-101 +702
200306Wolverhampton-1¼-105 u2¾-119 -256
8:00 AM200309Birmingham City+¾-113 o2¼-105 +465
200310Preston-¾-107 u2¼-115 -140
8:00 AM200313Sheffield UnitedPK+100 o2¼-120 +175
200314Norwich CityPK-120 u2¼+100 +165
8:00 AM200317Millwall+¼-115 o2¼+102 +237
200318Leeds United-¼-105 u2¼-122 +130
8:00 AM200321Burton Albion+1¼-110 o2¾-129 +650
200322Fulham-1¼-110 u2¾+109 -250
8:00 AM200329IpswichPK+105 o2¼-119 +190
200330BoltonPK-125 u2¼-101 +150
8:00 AM200333Barnsley+1-122 o2½+106 +525
200334Aston Villa-1+102 u2½-126 -180