Snooker World Championship Odds

Snooker is a billiards-like game from the UK, that continues to resonate with more fans worldwide.

Considered by many, as the hardest billiards game to play and as a result many billiards players want to use this game to truly test their skills.

Similar to pool, it is played on a large table with four baskets or "pots", one in each corner, using a white cue ball and 21 balls for scoring, 15 red balls, worth one point and six balls of other colors worth from 2 to 7 points. The object of the game is for each player to score more points than his or her opponent. This is achieved by "potting" the scoring balls. Continue



3:00 AM511801Akbar H. (Pak)--+915
511802Selby M. (Eng)---2200
3:00 AM511803Brecel L. (Bel)---125
511804Wilson G. (Eng)---105
3:00 AM511805Carter A. (Eng)---170
511806Guodong X. (Chn)--+135
3:00 AM511807Davis M. (Eng)---170
511808Ebdon P. (Eng)--+135
3:00 AM511809Higginson A. (Eng)---240
511810Castle B. J. (Eng)--+186
3:00 AM511811Holt M. (Eng)--+110
511812Zhou Y. (Chn)---140
3:00 AM511813Hull R. (Fin)--+241
511814Day R. (Wal)---320
3:00 AM511815Ning L. (Chn)---115
511816Miah H. (Eng)---115
3:00 AM511817Stevens M. (Wal)--+110
511818Gilbert D. (Eng)---140
3:00 AM511819Swail J. (Nir)--+127
511820Sharav E. (Sco)---160
3:00 AM511821Donaldson S. (Sco)---110
511822O'Donnell M. (Eng)---120
3:00 AM511823Li H. (Chn)--+207
511824Robertson N. (Aus)---270
3:00 AM511825O'Sullivan R. (Eng)---600
511826Ford T. (Eng)--+405
3:00 AM511827Totten C. (Sco)--+362
511828Un-Nooh T. (Tha)---520
3:00 AM511829Williams R. (Eng)---200
511830Lam S. (Eng)--+158
3:00 AM511831Trump J. (Eng)---160
511832Lisowski J. (Eng)--+127