NHL Hockey Sports Betting Periods

One of unique wagers is NHL first period betting. If you don't want to bet on the entire game there is still an option for you - first period bets. You can bet on the outcome of the first period both with a money line (with a 0.5 goal spread) and a total. This can be handy to capitalize on a team that is a fast starter, or to bet against one that you suspect could stumble out of the gate in a game.

Want to make smart hockey bets without difficulty and time consuming analysis, then you are at the right place. Our NHL betting information will provide hockey sports bettors with a deeper insight into the pro hockey betting marketplace.

The National Hockey League season is full steam ahead. With 30 NHL teams from both the United States and from Canada, each playing an 82 game schedule, plus the Stanley Cup playoffs begin's on April 12 and last until mid-June, in which 16 total team reach the postseason. Continue

Bet NHL Stanley Cup Odds - Best of Seven Series

The NHL playoffs provide betting opportunities that aren't there during the regular season that sharp bettors can take advantage of. One such opportunity, is betting on the winner of an NHL Playoff series. NHL Series Predictions

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NHL - PERIODS First Period Lines - Oct 18 

7:35 PM10151P Buffalo Sabres-o1½-121 +167
10161P San Jose Sharks-u1½+101 -188
7:35 PM10171P New York Islanders-o1½-125 +135
10181P Los Angeles Kings-u1½+104 -155

NHL - PERIODS Second Period Lines - Oct 18 

7:35 PM20152P Buffalo Sabres-o1½-175 +165
20162P San Jose Sharks-u1½+150 -185
7:35 PM20172P New York Islanders-o1½-170 +135
20182P Los Angeles Kings-u1½+145 -155

NHL - PERIODS Third Period Lines - Oct 18 

7:35 PM30153P Buffalo Sabres-o1½-165 +160
30163P San Jose Sharks-u1½+140 -180
7:35 PM30173P New York Islanders-o1½-160 +130
30183P Los Angeles Kings-u1½+135 -150