NHL Future Sportsbook Odds

A Hockey Future Lines single or Hockey Future Lines straight bet is a wager on the outcome of a single event or game. The Hockey Future Lines wager is determined by a pointspread, a moneyline, a Game Total, a runline or puckline. The team or event wagered on must win the game or event either outright or by covering the spread. The payout is determined by the Hockey Future Lines posted.

Get ready for the excitement of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals! Bet the intense betting action and watch the fierce rivalry on the ice as the NHL's two elite teams face off in hopes of bringing home Lord Stanley's Cup. The Stanley Cup Finals offer some of the most competitive and heart-pounding hockey around and excitement for the Stanley Cup Finals is s must for hockey fans worldwide. NHL Hockey brackets Click Here!

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NHL - FUTURES - Feb 22 

Odds to Win 2019 - NHL - Stanley Cup

14801Anaheim Ducks+6000
14802Arizona Coyotes+10000
14803Boston Bruins+1600
14804Buffalo Sabres+10000
14805Calgary Flames+1400
14806Carolina Hurricanes+5000
14807Chicago Blackhawks+5000
14808Colorado Avalanche+8000
14809Columbus Blue Jackets+3500
14810Dallas Stars+5000
14811Detroit Red Wings+75000
14812Edmonton Oilers+7000
14813Florida Panthers+10000
14814Los Angeles Kings+50000
14815Minnesota Wild+5000
14816Montreal Canadiens+3500
14817Nashville Predators+900
14818New Jersey Devils+50000
14819New York Islanders+2200
14820New York Rangers+50000
14821Ottawa Senators+95000
14822Philadelphia Flyers+8000
14823Pittsburgh Penguins+1800
14824Saint Louis Blues+2000
14825San Jose Sharks+900
14826Tampa Bay Lightning+300
14827Toronto Maple Leafs+850
14828Vancouver Canucks+8000
14829Vegas Golden Knights+1800
14830Washington Capitals+1600
14831Winnipeg Jets+900

Odds to Win 2019 - NHL - Eastern Conference

14851Boston Bruins+850
14852Buffalo Sabres+5000
14853Carolina Hurricanes+2500
14854Columbus Blue Jackets+1750
14855Detroit Red Wings+37500
14856Florida Panthers+5000
14857Montreal Canadiens+1750
14858New Jersey Devils+25000
14859New York Islanders+1150
14860New York Rangers+25000
14861Ottawa Senators+37500
14862Philadelphia Flyers+4000
14863Pittsburgh Penguins+950
14864Tampa Bay Lightning+150
14865Toronto Maple Leafs+440
14866Washington Capitals+850

Odds to Win 2019 - NHL - Western Conference

14871Anaheim Ducks+3000
14872Arizona Coyotes+5000
14873Calgary Flames+625
14874Chicago Blackhawks+2500
14875Colorado Avalanche+4000
14876Dallas Stars+2500
14877Edmonton Oilers+3500
14878Los Angeles Kings+25000
14879Minnesota Wild+2500
14880Nashville Predators+400
14881Saint Louis Blues+925
14882San Jose Sharks+400
14883Vancouver Canucks+4000
14884Vegas Golden Knights+810
14885Winnipeg Jets+400