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Want to make smart hockey bets without difficulty and time consuming analysis, then you are at the right place. Our NHL betting information will provide hockey sports bettors with a deeper insight into the pro hockey betting marketplace.

The National Hockey League season is full steam ahead. With 30 NHL teams from both the United States and from Canada, each playing an 82 game schedule, plus the Stanley Cup playoffs begin's on April 12 and last until mid-June, in which 16 total team reach the postseason. Continue

Bet NHL Stanley Cup Odds - Best of Seven Series

The NHL playoffs provide betting opportunities that aren't there during the regular season that sharp bettors can take advantage of. One such opportunity, is betting on the winner of an NHL Playoff series. NHL Series Predictions

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NHL - Feb 22 

5:05 PM23Columbus Blue Jackets-o6½+105 -235
24Ottawa Senators-u6½-125 +195
5:35 PM25Colorado Avalanche-o7+110 -134
26Chicago Blackhawks-u7-130 +114
5:35 PM27Minnesota Wild-o5½-115 -112
28Detroit Red Wings-u5½-105 -108
7:05 PM29Anaheim Ducks-o6-105 +218
30Calgary Flames-u6-115 -265
8:05 PM31Winnipeg Jets-o6-115 +140
32Vegas Golden Knights-u6-105 -160
5:05 PM91Away Team Goals--+115
92Home Team Goals---135
5:05 PM93Total Goals-o31½-105 -
94Total Goals-u31½-115 -

NHL - Feb 23 

11:05 AM33Washington Capitals-o6½+105 -138
34Buffalo Sabres-u6½-125 +118
2:05 PM37Boston Bruins-o5½+105 +103
38Saint Louis Blues-u5½-125 -123
3:05 PM39Carolina Hurricanes-o5½+110 -106
40Dallas Stars-u5½-130 -114
3:05 PM41Los Angeles Kings-o5½-105 +152
42Florida Panthers-u5½-115 -177
5:05 PM47Montreal Canadiens-o6-125 +155
48Toronto Maple Leafs-u6+105 -180
6:05 PM49Pittsburgh Penguins---125
50Philadelphia Flyers--+105
8:05 PM51New York Islanders-o5½+105 -123
52Vancouver Canucks-u5½-125 +103