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Want to bet on sports events that happen in the distant future.

Sportbook future odds are odds provided on an event, well ahead of that event taking place.

While the final betting line gets posted closer to the event, sportsbook futures give you an idea of what the early odds are.

Mean while, sometimes hot teams fly under the radar, and their value exceeds what the less effective futures had been posted the week prior.

If you want to place a futures bet on a team, the best thing to do is shop around for the best number.



NFL - FUTURES - Nov 15 

Will PIT Steelers Win The NFL Super Bowl LIII?


Odds to Win 2018 - Super Bowl LIII

10001Arizona Cardinals
10002Atlanta Falcons+9000
10003Baltimore Ravens+13000
10004Buffalo Bills
10005Carolina Panthers+3351
10006Chicago Bears+2601
10007Cincinnati Bengals+19000
10008Cleveland Browns+180000
10009Dallas Cowboys+10000
10010Denver Broncos+150000
10011Detroit Lions+150000
10012Green Bay Packers+4800
10013Houston Texans+2651
10014Indianapolis Colts+15000
10015Jacksonville Jaguars+30000
10016Kansas City Chiefs+414
10017Los Angeles Chargers+1144
10018Los Angeles Rams+340
10019Miami Dolphins+50000
10020Minnesota Vikings+2100
10021New England Patriots+750
10022New Orleans Saints+370
10023New York Giants
10024New York Jets+400000
10025Oakland Raiders
10026Philadelphia Eagles+4800
10027Pittsburgh Steelers+745
10028San Francisco 49ers
10029Seattle Seahawks+17000
10030Tampa Bay Buccaneers+250000
10031Tennessee Titans+7500
10032Washington Redskins+5500

Odds to Win 2018 - NFC Conference

10121Arizona Cardinals+500000
10122Atlanta Falcons+4200
10123Carolina Panthers+1512
10124Chicago Bears+1233
10125Dallas Cowboys+4750
10126Detroit Lions+70000
10127Green Bay Packers+2370
10128Los Angeles Rams+145
10129Minnesota Vikings+990
10130New Orleans Saints+179
10131New York Giants+500000
10132Philadelphia Eagles+2224
10133San Francisco 49ers+250000
10134Seattle Seahawks+8000
10135Tampa Bay Buccaneers+120000
10136Washington Redskins+2173

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Will NO Saints Win The NFL Super Bowl LIII?


NFL - FUTURES - Nov 18 

Odds to Win 2018 - AFC Conference

10101Baltimore Ravens+5300
10102Buffalo Bills+500000
10103Cincinnati Bengals+7500
10104Cleveland Browns+70000
10105Denver Broncos+65000
10106Houston Texans+910
10107Indianapolis Colts+6300
10108Jacksonville Jaguars+11500
10109Kansas City Chiefs+186
10110Los Angeles Chargers+520
10111Miami Dolphins+20000
10112New England Patriots+310
10113New York Jets+120000
10114Oakland Raiders+500000
10115Pittsburgh Steelers+310
10116Tennessee Titans+3300

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