NFL Week 7 Odds - 2017 NFL Betting Lines

From beginning to end, the NFL Week 7 is full of action. This week has it all, including divisional rivalries, battles between contenders, and even a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl.

The week kicks off with NFL Thursday night, as the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders meeting in a clash of the two AFC West teams that made the postseason last year. Both teams hope to have improved on the offensive end with the Raiders adding Marshawn Lynch and the Chiefs drafting Pat Mahomes. This is going to be one of the most fun games of the week. Continue

NFL Betting Lines and Game Predictions

There is nothing quite like NFL Football to top off a relaxing weekend and with the addition of NFL fantasy football betting, adding fuel to the fire, the Nation Football League still remains at the top as, America's most watched sports event.

Every week, football fans can watch multiple NFL games on any of the national TV networks like ABC or NBC including the CBS Sunday Night football and the ESPN Monday Night Football game. Continue


NFL - Oct 19 

5:25 PM301Kansas City Chiefs-3-101 o47½-110 -
302Oakland Raiders+3-119 u47½-110 -

NFL - Oct 22 

10:00 AM451Tennessee Titans---
452Cleveland Browns---
10:00 AM453Jacksonville Jaguars---
454Indianapolis Colts---
1:25 PM455Cincinnati Bengals+5½-115 o41-110 -
456Pittsburgh Steelers-5½-105 u41-110 -
10:00 AM457Baltimore Ravens+5½-110 o39½-110 -
458Minnesota Vikings-5½-110 u39½-110 -
10:00 AM459New York Jets+3-105 o38-110 -
460Miami Dolphins-3-115 u38-110 -
10:00 AM461Tampa Bay Buccaneers---
462Buffalo Bills---
10:00 AM463Carolina Panthers-3-125 o40½-110 -
464Chicago Bears+3+105 u40½-110 -
10:00 AM465New Orleans Saints-6-110 o47½-110 -
466Green Bay Packers+6-110 u47½-110 -
10:00 AM467Arizona Cardinals+3½-110 o47½-110 -
468Los Angeles Rams-3½-110 u47½-110 -
1:05 PM469Dallas Cowboys-6-105 o47-110 -
470San Francisco 49ers+6-115 u47-110 -
1:25 PM471Seattle Seahawks-5-109 o39-105 -
472New York Giants+5-111 u39-115 -
1:25 PM473Denver Broncos+1½-110 o42-105 -
474Los Angeles Chargers-1½-110 u42-115 -
5:30 PM475Atlanta Falcons+3+105 o54½-115 -
476New England Patriots-3-125 u54½-105 -

NFL - Oct 23 

5:30 PM477Washington Redskins+4½-111 o48½-110 -
478Philadelphia Eagles-4½-109 u48½-110 -