NCAA Second Half Betting Lines

Football Bettors have made a tremendous amount of money betting on halves of both NCAA football games and 2nd halves in the NFL for years, but knowing how to do this is a art in the Sports betting world. There is on thing you must know before you start betting second halves in football.

Knowledge is Power and knowing the right information is what makes a sports bettor money.

For instance, a team that was a 10-point favorite is now losing by 7 at the half. They are a 3.5 point lined favorite for the second half.

This means that you are essentially getting that team at +3.5 for the game. That is 13.5 points worth of value if you consider the opening line. Though you won’t always win these bets, they offer you a chance at success to be sure.

Another fun way to bet on football games is to do so using teasers. How many times have you lost a bet to a last-minute field goal, fumble or bad call?

The extra 7 points you get with Betting teasers suddenly looks very reassuring, doesn't it?

(!) No betting lines are currently available for this event. Please check back later.