College Football First Half Bowl Lines

There are some definite advantages to betting on only the first half of NCAA football games. If you are looking to bet on a team that is favored in this weeks College football games, then placing a first halve College football bet may be the way to go.

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NCAA Bowl Betting Odds - CFP Gambling Predictions

The 2018 CFP National Championship game will take place one week after the College Football Playoff Bowl games have been played. This year, those bowls are the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

Each year, the College Football Playoff National Championship game will change venues, rotating between the four venues that have hosted CFP games in the past. In 2018, the CFP National Championship will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. ESPN will broadcast the game live. Continue


NCAA (F) - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 15 

4:00 PM13091H Toledo-7-101 o28½-110 -
13101H Kent State+7-119 u28½-110 -
6:00 PM13111H Tulane+4½-110 o35-105 -
13121H Houston University-4½-110 u35-115 -
7:30 PM13131H Florida Atlantic+3-115 o32½-110 -
13141H North Texas-3-105 u32½-110 -

NCAA (F) - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 16 

7:00 PM13151H Memphis-4-115 o37-115 -
13161H SMU+4-105 u37-105 -
7:00 PM13171H Boise State-11-110 o32½-110 -
13181H New Mexico+11-110 u32½-110 -

NCAA (F) - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 17 

2:00 PM13191H Indiana+17-110 o29-110 -
13201H Michigan-17-110 u29-110 -
10:00 AM13211H Pittsburgh University-3½-115 o30½-115 -
13221H Wake Forest+3½-105 u30½-105 -
1:30 PM13231H Iowa-7½-110 o29½-110 -
13241H Illinois+7½-110 u29½-110 -
1:30 PM13251H Wisconsin+3-110 o26½-110 -
13261H Purdue-3-110 u26½-110 -
1:30 PM13271H Virginia+3-105 o27-110 -
13281H Georgia Tech-3-115 u27-110 -
10:00 AM13291H Northwestern+½-110 o23½-105 -
13301H Minnesota University-½-110 u23½-115 -
5:00 PM13311H Duke+17-105 o31½-105 -
13321H Clemson-17-115 u31½-115 -
10:00 AM13331H Penn State---
13341H Rutgers---
1:30 PM13351H Texas Tech---
13361H Kansas State---
5:00 PM13371H Connecticut---
13381H East Carolina---
10:00 AM13391H South Florida---
13401H Temple---
2:00 PM13411H Massachusetts---
13421H Georgia---
3:00 PM13431H Georgia Southern---
13441H Coastal Carolina---
1:30 PM13451H Missouri---
13461H Tennessee University---
10:00 AM13471H Middle Tennessee State---
13481H Kentucky---
10:00 AM13491H Ohio State---
13501H Maryland---
10:20 AM13511H North Carolina State---
13521H Louisville---
6:00 PM13531H Cincinnati University---
13541H Central Florida---
2:00 PM13551H Liberty---
13561H Auburn---
12:00 PM13571H Florida International---
13581H Charlotte---
8:15 PM13591H New Mexico State---
13601H BYU---
2:00 PM13611H Air Force---
13621H Wyoming---
11:30 AM13631H Utah---
13641H Colorado---
12:00 PM13651H Utah State---
13661H Colorado State---
12:30 PM13671H Syracuse---
13681H Notre Dame---
12:30 PM13691H Georgia State---
13701H Appalachian State---
12:30 PM13711H Texas San Antonio---
13721H Marshall---
5:30 PM13731H Stanford---
13741H California---
8:30 PM13751H Arizona State---
13761H Oregon---
8:30 PM13771H Arizona University---
13781H Washington State---
3:00 PM13791H Nevada---
13801H San Jose State---
10:00 AM13811H TCU---
13821H Baylor---
1:30 PM13831H Tulsa---
13841H Navy---
5:00 PM13851H UAB---
13861H Texas A&M---
10:00 AM13871H Arkansas---
13881H Mississippi State---
1:30 PM13891H West Virginia---
13901H Oklahoma State---
1:30 PM13911H Louisiana Tech---
13921H Southern Mississippi---
1:30 PM13931H Bowling Green---
13941H Akron---
5:30 PM13951H Rice---
13961H LSU---
5:30 PM13971H Mississippi---
13981H Vanderbilt---
1:30 PM13991H Boston College---
14001H Florida State---
5:30 PM14011H Kansas---
14021H Oklahoma---
2:30 PM14031H Oregon State---
14041H Washington University---
1:00 PM14051H Louisiana Monroe---
14061H Arkansas State---
1:30 PM14071H Texas State---
14081H Troy---
3:00 PM14091H South Alabama---
14101H Louisiana Lafayette---
1:30 PM14111H Miami Florida---
14121H Virginia Tech---
5:30 PM14131H UTEP---
14141H Western Kentucky---
10:00 AM14151H Michigan State---
14161H Nebraska---
6:00 PM14171H Iowa State---
14181H Texas---
1:30 PM14191H USC---
14201H UCLA---
8:30 PM14211H San Diego State---
14221H Fresno State---
9:00 PM14231H UNLV---
14241H Hawaii---