College First Half Football Betting Lines

There are some definite advantages to betting on only the first half of NCAA football games. If you are looking to bet on a team that is favored in this weeks College football games, then placing a first halve College football bet may be the way to go.

NCAA Football Betting Predictions

The first five weeks of the 2017 College football season are officially in the books and College football fans can hardly wait for this weeks College football betting action.

Teams are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Some are full steam ahead to the College Football Playoff. Others have lost all hope. A few can still control their own Playoff destiny. Continue


NCAA (F) - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 18 

5:30 PM13331H North Carolina State+2-110 o31½-110 -
13341H Wake Forest-2-110 u31½-110 -
8:15 PM13471H Air Force+10-115 o29-110 -
13481H Boise State-10-105 u29-110 -
5:00 PM13651H Arizona University+1-110 o40-110 -
13661H Oregon-1-110 u40-110 -
5:30 PM13811H Missouri-4½-110 o33½-105 -
13821H Vanderbilt+4½-110 u33½-115 -
8:30 PM13831H Utah+10-115 o23-105 -
13841H Washington University-10-105 u23-115 -
5:00 PM13931H LSU-10-105 o20½-105 -
13941H Tennessee University+10-115 u20½-115 -
5:00 PM14071H Florida International+8-110 o33-115 -
14081H Florida Atlantic-8-110 u33-105 -
5:00 PM14091H Connecticut+11-110 o27-110 -
14101H Boston College-11-110 u27-110 -
5:00 PM14111H Marshall+2-110 o22½-115 -
14121H Texas San Antonio-2-110 u22½-105 -
5:00 PM14131H Texas A&M-½-110 o35½-108 -
14141H Mississippi+½-110 u35½-112 -
6:00 PM14171H UCLA+7½-115 o36-110 -
14181H USC-7½-105 u36-110 -
6:00 PM14191H California+7-105 o27-115 -
14201H Stanford-7-115 u27-105 -
8:30 PM14211H Nevada+9-110 o28½-110 -
14221H San Diego State-9-110 u28½-110 -