Canadian Football League Betting Lines

You know when we get to the CFL season in June, the NFL betting season isn't far behind, as NFL teams are opening training camp, and college football teams are starting practice. As for, Canadian Sports bettors and football betting fanatics, pro football is in full swing, with the Canadian Football League (CFL), as nine battle it out, for one of the oldest trophies in all of sports, the Grey Cup.

Each year, every club comes into the season with a true belief that it can win the Grey Cup, and with six teams entering the postseason and tight competition that is often a tad bit unpredictable, there are some big payouts to be had in the Great White North.

Betting Canadian football can be a moneymaker for you because the CFL is not that popular. It is that lack of popularity that gives you an edge over the sportsbooks around the world. Very few people pay attention betting Canadian football and that is to your benefit when you bet the games.

Canadian football betting oddsmakers concentrate the most effort on the events that will provide the most action and, therefore, spend less time on sports like the CFL. The CFL playing field also is a factor and gives the sports gambler the ability to focus more attention to particular teams strengths and weaknesses. Continue

NFL Football Sports Betting Bonus

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