NFL Week 3 Football Odds / NFL Betting Lines

The first international game of the season will take place in Week 3 when London’s favorite team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, square off against the Baltimore Ravens. The early start time means 15 straight hours of football for the diehards, so grab your coffee and settle in for a long Sunday.

The Thursday Night football game of week two will pit the Los Angeles Rams against the San Francisco 49ers. If it wasn’t for the Los Angeles Rams, the San Francisco 49ers would have ended the season winless in 2016. Continue

NCAA Football Betting Predictions

As Week 4 approaches, you can count on injuries to pile up, surprising performances leading us to question our initial thoughts about team and perhaps most importantly, Gamblers Palace to break down all the information you need to grow your bankroll. Continue


NFL - Sep 25 

5:30 PM489Dallas Cowboys-2½-115 o46½-110 -150
490Arizona Cardinals+2½-105 u46½-110 +130

NFL - Sep 28 

5:25 PM101Chicago Bears+7½-120 o45½-110 -
102Green Bay Packers-7½+100 u45½-110 -

NFL - Oct 01 

6:30 AM251New Orleans Saints-2-115 o49½-110 -
252Miami Dolphins+2-105 u49½-110 -
10:00 AM253Carolina Panthers+8-110 o47-110 -
254New England Patriots-8-110 u47-110 -
10:00 AM255Los Angeles Rams---
256Dallas Cowboys---
10:00 AM257Detroit Lions---
258Minnesota Vikings---
10:00 AM259Tennessee Titans-1-110 o44-110 -
260Houston Texans+1-110 u44-110 -
10:00 AM261Jacksonville Jaguars-3½-110 o39½-110 -
262New York Jets+3½-110 u39½-110 -
10:00 AM263Cincinnati Bengals-3½+105 o40-105 -
264Cleveland Browns+3½-125 u40-115 -
10:00 AM265Pittsburgh Steelers-2½-115 o45-110 -
266Baltimore Ravens+2½-105 u45-110 -
10:00 AM267Buffalo Bills+8-110 o48½-110 -
268Atlanta Falcons-8-110 u48½-110 -
1:05 PM269New York Giants+4-115 o43½-115 -
270Tampa Bay Buccaneers-4-105 u43½-105 -
1:05 PM271Philadelphia Eagles+1-110 o46½-110 -
272Los Angeles Chargers-1-110 u46½-110 -
1:05 PM273San Francisco 49ers---
274Arizona Cardinals---
1:25 PM275Oakland Raiders---
276Denver Broncos---
5:30 PM277Indianapolis Colts+13-110 o41-110 -
278Seattle Seahawks-13-110 u41-110 -