Real Money Dota 2 Betting Lines

Each sportsbook takes a different approach to setting Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) lines, as is the case with all eSports. Due to DOTA 2’s popularity as a spectator eSport, lines may not vary as much from sportsbook to sportsbook compared to other games, but some differences will certainly exist.

Like tennis or golf, DOTA 2 has a majors system with four majors that are considered more important than all the other tournaments. The Manila Major is the third of the four major tournaments and action will kick off tomorrow now that all the qualifiers have been decided over who is in and who is out. The prize pool will be three million dollars and with the list of teams scheduled to compete, it should be an amazing major.

E-sport is a term for organized video gaming competitions between players or teams. There are many competitive games - such as StarCraft2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, Quake, Dota 2 etc. Continue

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E-SPORTS DOTA 2 - Nov 15 

9:00 PM97001Team Secret-1½+240 --114
97002PSG.LGD+1½-300 --106
9:00 PM97001Team Secret-o54½-115 -115
97002PSG.LGD-u54½-115 -105
10:00 PM97001Team Secret-o54½-115 -115
97002PSG.LGD-u54½-115 -105
11:00 PM97001Team Secret-o54½-115 -110
97002PSG.LGD-u54½-115 -110
12:00½-105 --325
97004Ninjas in Pyjamas+1½-115 -+255
12:00½-115 -225
97004Ninjas in Pyjamas-u53½-115 +190
12:00½-115 -225
97004Ninjas in Pyjamas-u53½-115 +190
12:00½-115 -200
97004Ninjas in Pyjamas-u53½-115 +165