College Basketball First Half Lines

Watch the First half of the basketball game for free, then decide which team to bet on!

Even if you have no bet at all for the game as a whole, you can often make a bet at the half when you feel that you have an advantage over the linesmaker.

As a professional handicapper, I find myself 'on the fence' about some games almost every day, where I have a sports betting line that just isn't strong enough to make a bet on a particular side or total. College basketball first half betting tips

NCAA Final Four - March Madness Basketball Predictions

Villanova, Kansas and Michigan will join charmed upstart Loyola Chicago at the Final Four in San Antonio next weekend.

That awesome foursome should provide a action packed finish to what has already been a dramatic NCAA tournament.

The most-heated College basketball matchups of the year will begin, as the Final Four teams pair up to compete in the Semifinal round of the March Madness Tournament, to advance to the National Championship game on April 2, 2018 in the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, to see who will take home the tournament's biggest prize, the NCAA National Championship Trophy. Continue

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NCAA (B) - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 15 

5:00 PM15071H Ohio State-1½-105 o70-105 -
15081H Creighton+1½-115 u70-115 -
5:00 PM15091H Delaware+1-110 o70-110 -
15101H Cornell-1-110 u70-110 -
5:00 PM15111H Southern Mississippi+½-110 o66½-110 -
15121H Troy-½-110 u66½-110 -
6:00 PM15131H William & Mary+1-110 o78-112 -
15141H Illinois Chicago-1-110 u78-108 -
7:00 PM15151H Penn State-½-115 o68-110 -
15161H Depaul+½-105 u68-110 -
7:00 PM15171H Fresno State+6-115 o67½-105 -
15181H TCU-6-105 u67½-115 -
8:00 PM15191H Detroit+7-105 o70-105 -
15201H California-7-115 u70-115 -
8:00 PM15211H Cal Irvine-5-105 o64-105 -
15221H Santa Clara+5-115 u64-115 -
9:30 PM15231H Texas A&M+10-115 o77-111 -
15241H Gonzaga-10-105 u77-108 -
5:00 PM15311H Wichita State+2-101 o70½-110 -
15321H Davidson-2-119 u70½-110 -
5:30 PM15391H Monmouth+11½-110 o70-110 -
15401H West Virginia-11½-110 u70-110 -
6:30 PM15431H San Jose State+5½-103 o65½-115 -
15441H Weber State-5½-117 u65½-105 -
5:00 PM15451H Syracuse-4½-110 o64-110 -
15461H Connecticut+4½-110 u64-110 -
7:30 PM15471H Oregon-2-110 o70-110 -
15481H Iowa+2-110 u70-110 -
7:00 PM15491H Oral Roberts+11-110 o70-110 -
15501H BYU-11-110 u70-110 -
7:00 PM15511H Pacific-½-110 o70-110 -
15521H Idaho State+½-110 u70-110 -