College Basketball First Half Lines

NCAA Basketball First Half Betting

Watch the First half of the basketball game for free, then decide which team to bet on!

Even if you have no bet at all for the game as a whole, you can often make a bet at the half when you feel that you have an advantage over the linesmaker.

As a professional handicapper, I find myself 'on the fence' about some games almost every day, where I have a sports betting line that just isn't strong enough to make a bet on a particular side or total. College basketball first half betting tips


NCAA (B) - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Dec 18 

5:00 PM17211H Wake Forest-2½-110 o70-110 -
17221H Coastal Carolina+2½-110 u70-110 -
5:00 PM17231H NortheasternPK-105 o66-115 -
17241H Kent StatePK-115 u66-105 -
5:00 PM17251H Northern Illinois+9½-105 o74-110 -
17261H Marquette-9½-115 u74-110 -
5:00 PM17271H Charlotte University+1½-110 o70-110 -
17281H East Carolina-1½-110 u70-110 -
7:00 PM17291H UT Arlington+8-115 o76½-110 -
17301H Creighton-8-105 u76½-110 -
7:00 PM17311H IUPUI+16-110 o70½-110 -
17321H Gonzaga-16-110 u70½-110 -
7:00 PM17331H Boise State+4½-105 o62½-115 -
17341H SMU-4½-115 u62½-105 -
8:00 PM17351H Valparaiso+½-110 o63-110 -
17361H Santa Clara-½-110 u63-110 -
5:00 PM17371H Nebraska Omaha+19-110 o76-110 -
17381H Kansas-19-110 u76-110 -
5:00 PM17391H Quinnipiac+5-115 o68-110 -
17401H Drexel-5-105 u68-110 -
5:00 PM17411H Northern Arizona+4½-115 o62½-110 -
17421H South Florida-4½-105 u62½-110 -
5:00 PM17431H Idaho University+2½-105 o66½-110 -
17441H Western Michigan-2½-115 u66½-110 -
6:00 PM17451H IPFW+7½-105 o72½-110 -
17461H Indiana University-7½-115 u72½-110 -
7:00 PM17471H Denver University+3-110 o67½-110 -
17481H Montana State-3-110 u67½-110 -
7:00 PM17491H Tennessee State+11-105 o58½-110 -
17501H Texas-11-115 u58½-110 -
7:00 PM17511H North Dakota State+13-105 o66-110 -
17521H Arizona-13-115 u66-110 -
7:00 PM17531H Youngstown State+2½+105 o75½-115 -
17541H Idaho State-2½-125 u75½-105 -
4:00 PM17551H Houston Baptist+17½-110 o72½-110 -
17561H Michigan State-17½-110 u72½-110 -
5:00 PM17571H Charleston Southern+15-110 o70½-110 -
17581H Florida State-15-110 u70½-110 -